The value of good friend for me.

2 years ago


Hi all 

Today i am going to say that what is the value of good friend for me. Today's topic is very special for me. Whenever i feel bore or tension i talk with my friends. After talk i become happy. A good friend is very special for everyone and everybody needs a good friend. 

Why everybody need a good friend because a human being can't live and can't spend life alone. A good friend help in every situation because for good friends situation is not important, friendship is important. Life become very colourful when a good friend enter in life. 

I've lot's of friends and i can't say who is best for me because lot's of friends helped me and still helping. I was a brilliant Student in school time that's i got lot's good friends. Now i am working in some crryptocurrency platform. Also here i made some friends who are helping me. 

I 100% believe my friends and i imagination that they will never cheat me because friendship's base is faith and believe. When a friend cheat other friend. In fact he cheated with himself because he lost a good friend. And today very hard to find a truly and good friend. 

If you have only one truly and good friend then you are lucky because some people have no friend. We should ask the value of friend who have no friend. A good friend never want cheat other friend. I believe that i am lucky that's why i have several truly and good friend. All are very important form me. I want see him always happy and healthy. 

Some quotes could be found below.

"Don't miss any chance."

"Everything is not yours whatever you've use it."

"Do something but unique."

"What is ours after death everything is others."

" nothing is special we have to make special."

"Whole life we've to learn because everyday we see new."

"What is love? I think anyone care you it's call love."

"Your success is waiting for you, try & get."

"Different people different need but one is same, that is love."

"Don't try to get only jobs, also try to get your dreams."

"Broken friendship could be repair but always it will show."

"I am losing everything, first my age."

"Face beautiful is not beautiful, actually character should be beautiful."

Thank you so much for reading my post

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Interesting little read, but I would say you used a word friend bit too much.