snowing in Norway.

2 years ago

Hi my friends. 

i  am well and hope you all are also doing well. Today post is very special for me. why today's post is special may be you are thinking ? I have a very good friend in Norway. His name is Stimians and i got this friend from Sola social media platform. There he helped me very much and perhaps from one year we talk cupple of time in voice call. I don't like chatting so first i want to talk in voice call to all my friends. my friend's age 40 plus and i am 21 years old. However we are good friend. Tomorrow he sent me some pic of Norway's. 

when i saw this pic i realized hope i was there because i never seen snow in my life . i seen snow in movie or in pictures but not in real life. I like snow very much and my dream is visit snow area. 

really these pictures are looking very beautiful but these are dangerous too. snow area's are very cold. Every person can't stay. where happen snowing people don't like because everywhere snow. Even in road and in house there's people face lot's of problem in daily life.

my friend said here everywhere is snow and still snowing and so winter. I am very happy that i could make a good friends. In future i am thinking to go there if i could make good money. 

Thank you for reading my post.



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