Pray the online crave becomes not your relationships' grave.

9 months ago

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Your life, after Whatsapp's invasion

Pray, with meagre messages, it's not its cessation

Caught in the online friend's unshaken allure

Pray the vexed best friends don't take a detour.

Sure you'll buy a new phone, but

The friends, though, will remain the same

The version will definitely change, but

They'll be the ones calling again

Stayed online since long ago

'Bout time, to your offline friends

You talked with full gusto

With online's strong vines' grip so dense

Pray your loved ones' love don't expire hence.

Yes, you'll have an unlimited pack

But your breaths are all too limited

In the journey of rushin' ahead and back

Pray with broken wheels of life is not how you shall tread

Pray the online crave becomes not your relationships' grave

Pray the online crave becomes not your relationships' grave.


Whatsapp की ये जिंदगी

कही message पे ख़त्म न हो जाये

ऑनलाइन friend के चक्कर में

कहीँ best friends न रूठ जाये।

new फ़ोन तो खरीद लोगे

दोस्त तो वही रहेंगे

version जरूर बदलेगा मगर 

call तो वही करेंगे

बहुत रह लिए online 

offline में कभी दोस्तों से 

जमकर बातें  कर लिया करो

online के चक्कर में 

कही अपनों का प्यार न छूट जाये।

unlimited pack जरूर मिल जाता है

मगर सांसे limited होती है

ये भागदोड़ के सफर में

कही जिंदगी का पहिया न टूट जाये

online के चक्कर में कही अपने न रूठ जाये

online के चक्कर में कही अपने न रूठ जाये।।

Some quotes could be found below.

"Don't miss any chance."

"Everything is not yours whatever you've use it."

"Do something but unique."

"What is ours after death everything is others."

" nothing is special we have to make special."

"Whole life we've to learn because everyday we see new."

"What is love? I think anyone care you it's call love."

"Your success is waiting for you, try & get."

"Different people different need but one is same, that is love."

"Don't try to get only jobs, also try to get your dreams."

"Broken friendship could be repair but always it will show."

"I am losing everything, first my age."

"Face beautiful is not beautiful, actually character should be beautiful."

"Dream never comes true, if dreamer sleep."

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