invite and earn paypal money through join discord server.

2 years ago

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if you are thinking is this real then yes it is 100% real because i going to prove it. you can earn lot's of money if you join and invite more and more people in discord. minimum invite requirement is 10 people. invite 10+ person and get 25$ dollar in paypal acvount.  

what you have to do?

1. first join this discord server.

2. invite people your friend but only original account. 

3. if you are joining fake account then you can't get payment.

How much money we can earn?

yeah this big and good question so i m going to give you some screen shot which show clearly how much.

what is the process of withdrawing?

very simple process you should be PayPal account if you haven't then you could make within few minutes. 

if you invited 10+ people fill a form and submit details. you will get 25$ in PayPal account within 2 to 5 days after. first you will have to complete refer and fill a form which you will find in invite reward channel.  so we have a big opportunity to make lot's of money. 

this is the link for joining.

if you have any question feel free to ask.

Thank you 

your friend @charliechain

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