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रहम है मेरे रब का
जिसने आप से मिला दिया
रूबरू तो हम कभी हुए नहीं
गुफ्तगू में ही रूह से परिचय करा दिया
दूर रहकर भी मै प्यासा नहीं
आपने दूर से ही दोस्ती का जाम जो पिला दिया।

आपने जो किया है मेरे लिए
मै जिंदगी भर नहीं भुला पाउँगा
रकम आपके एहसानात का
मै कभी अदा न कर पाउँगा
बस यही कहता हूँ
आप जहाँ भी रहे सही सलामत रहे
ऐसा दुआ करता हूँ और
इंशाअल्लाह करता रहूँगा।।

It is my God's mercy
Who made me meet you
Face to face we've never been
A convo's all it took, to get acquainted with your rooh
So far away I stay, yet not thirsty within
For, from afar you made me drink from the glass of friendship true

What you've done for me
I will be able to forget for a lifetime never
The rent I must pay for your favor
I will be able to payoff not ever
I just say this
Wherever you may be, be there my dear fine & healthy
Thusly I pray now, and
Inshallah, shall pray hence forever.

NOTE:- Rooh = Soul

This post was translated from Hindi to English by @sharanaithal of the Lost In Translation community – @lit.
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Some quotes could be found below.

"Don't miss any chance."

"Everything is not yours whatever you've use it."

"Do something but unique."

"What is ours after death everything is others."

" nothing is special we have to make special."

"Whole life we've to learn because everyday we see new."

"What is love? I think anyone care you it's call love."

"Your success is waiting for you, try & get."

"Different people different need but one is same, that is love."

"Don't try to get only jobs, also try to get your dreams."

"Broken friendship could be repair but always it will show."

"I am losing everything, first my age."

"Face beautiful is not beautiful, actually character should be beautiful."

"Dream never comes true, if dreamer sleep."

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