Poetry: no title # 13 unpublished poem

last year

Photo by Alexandra Marcu in Unsplash.

"It is always good to know that you can live without a person without whom you thought you would never be able to live."
― Charles Bukowski, Portions from a Wine-stained Notebook: Uncollected Stories and essays, 1944-1990

A sigh of letters without composing,
That lead me to your absence,
Without being able to write to you,
In spite of the nights that I present you,
No answer.

At what point did I get lost by fate?
Without seeing the signs by not firing you.

I let you go,
With nothing that could stop you...


I observe the fixed memories,
That contain your name,
Of an incomplete banishment,
That fills me with you.


Cathy Haack.
Unpublished poem

Grateful to all communities for their continued support of our family.

I hope you liked it.
Thank you for visiting/reading me.
See you next time.


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