Green House Radio Online Schedule

5 months ago

What's up Smoker's! Here is an updated schedule of our shows over in the Canna-Curate server. Please come join us! Also if you would like to promote something, or maybe even do a show hit up @jonyoudyer. Lets bridge Steem and Smoke, and let's grow the block chain together!








  • 12am PST Art Bell Archives

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Do you plan on recording some of these mixes for mixcloud or something? Or think rights would be a problem?


We do put most of our shows on Dtube. Right now we are streaming to vimm, and most recently Twitch. But yes right to music a hurdle we have yet to climb. One thing im thinking is we can play steemian music, and Smoke members music. But IMO steem, smoke is one and the same. For my show, which is the Jon and Blunt show, I try to not play music, unless i have to, like to attend to my babies, or maybe go take a smoke break, lol. I really love NPR, so I just try to do strictly talk.