WTF happened to Smoke?

last year

WTF happened to Smoke?

I decided to take a much needed vacation from Smoke over the holiday only to
return and find the cryptocurrency Smoke has been delisted from Coin Market Cap.

Smoke is now also running banner ads at the top of everyone's posts, has a drop down menu of limited single categories to post under, and is issuing a nefarious "community content guidelines" warning below as I try to post this.

WTF happened?

Did I miss something?

Is Smoke no longer a valid cryptocurrency?

Should I have wasted my time and effort of failing pot stocks instead?

Is it time to break out the Carlos Matos memes yet?

Sorry, eh


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It's not delisted, just hidden from search unless we go over $1k/day trading SMOKE. RUDEX.SMOKE isn't tracked there, you could use alternative platforms to coinmarketcap.

Of course this crypto is still valid, you're still able to post.


It's only valid if it has some liquidity, trading volume, and use case scenario outside of the platform itself. It seems to be arbitrarily tied to Bitshares, but the metrics aren't there to substantiate it's apparent value, considering it's on no exchanges, there's no compatible wallet, and it has no real trading volume whatsoever.

There needs to be a simple method for users to cash out to BTS or BTC through multiple exchanges like Steem, otherwise this whole exercise is entirely in vain.

Right now the token's looking like just another sh*tcoin to avoid HODLing.


Whatever mate, I'm using it for its intended purpose and don't really care about FIAT these days.

Lol, thats pretty funny. I can imagine seeing all those things at once. It's all been understandable as I've watched each one of those things develop.


Who is profiting from the banner advertisements on every page?
Meanwhile, the Smoke tokens we collect are utterly useless with no value.


Half of profit goes to banner ads on cannabis themed pages and the other half is used to buy and burn smoke.


I had the same reaction when I saw the changes. But it was what smoke needed to progress and not allow to have steemit happen here. I dont want dumb unrelated posts spamming this beautiful place. At first I was displeased with the updates but thanks to my brother @psyceratopsb explaining a few things to me and with time I realized this is a way better system to keep us a happy family.


My concern is that the Smoke token is useless if it's not listed on any exchanges, has no trading volume, no real intrinsic value, and is essentially for all intents and purposes a useless sh*tcoin that you can never cash out.

Yeah ... buy Canopy Growth, Aphria, Aurora and Tilray..... Big pump coming before the Big Dump.


Did you buy Canopy Growth this morning ? Up 14 % today ..... but losing hundreds of Millions of dollars every quarter. Investment Companies are Pumping Big time so they can sell before Next Earnings Date.... or Maybe not ??? Who knows ???

Corona-maker Constellation Brands Inc (STZ.N) cut its 2019 profit outlook on Wednesday, citing weakness in wine and spirits sales and costs related to its investment in a Canadian pot producer, sending its shares down to a near two-year low.

The brewer became one of the early entrants to the growing cannabis industry in 2017 when it took a stake in Canada’s largest marijuana producer Canopy Growth (WEED.TO) that now amounts to over $4 billion.

The lowered forecast reflects an about 25 cent per share pre-tax impact to full-year profit due to higher interest expenses the company expects to pay to finance the marijuana investment that was mainly backed by debt.

Weak results from Canopy Growth in November weighed on Constellation, resulting in a $164 million decrease in the fair value of its investment in the third quarter.


Won't be touching any cannabis stocks until the market matures.

Government regulation and supply management issues will continue to plague the industry throughout 2019 until the early 20's before they get their can act together.


There is one company I will buy.... just a few shares. They won all the awards for best Weed this year.