Trying to upload images - WTF? 😠

4 months ago

I would have posted sooner, but now I find out that I can no longer upload images to Smoke.

Other people are able to post with pics, but for some reason all my image uploads seem to be rejected and refuse to show up when I post.

My Canada Flag logo still works when I link to the original image location, but any new images I try to add are rejected.

WTF? 😠

I better go smoke another joint before I try this BS again.

Sorry, eh


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Yeah, there is sometimes a problem when you are trying to upload images, mostly bigger ones.
There is an alternate way to upload your images to the post using imgur, if you need any help refer to this post.


So essentially images can't be hosted on Smoke any longer?
I seriously have to upload them to another site, and link back?


It is most likely just a temporary issue.


Noo, it happens from time to time and the alternate way requires like 10 seconds to perform, it's not that big of a deal. But would be nice if it gets fixed soon.


Thanks. I was able to post images using Imgur, and it looks like it works with Giphy too if you add the [img] code around the URL link they provide.


No problem, I guess it will work with any image hosting service.

Sorry, eh!! You can use steemit/whaleshares to host your images then copy/paste them where suitable to your smoke post.


Yep, that is also a solution.

Your images are probably too big. My trick always works...edit your images into smaller size around 700 x 580 pixels or edit it to 30%-40% of your original size..You should try it. Good luck!

Hey man ... welcome back. Curious to know what other Cryptos you are buying these days ?