Synths & Weed Time !

7 months ago

This is a second version of Distorted Thoughts and I'll further evolve the track further. I got pretty lit and made some new music. Hope you guys enjoy the results!


I need to thank anyone who has supported any of my post within the blockchain. I've been in this project since the start and hope it has staying power!

#music #creative #art

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awesome music :)


Thank you my friend !~ How have you been ?

Excellent rework of your jams my friend!

I featured you in the last #HappyHempDay show, we have staying power and I believe us cross-platform believers will be the key.


Yea, I agree. Exclusive is cool but I feel it was to much of a focus in early Steem days, I wish I never went that road honestly. It really hurt my YT for that year and I lost a lot of traction. Users end up giving to much and then lots of weight is put on that coins movement. I feel being open about cross posting is only going to help a new system like steemit or I try to do both, make 100% smoke post and share the best of my real content from outside smoke.