Strength in Solitude : You Don't Need A Relationship

7 months ago

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This digital world has a lot of people showing you photos of happy couples,kids,families and statements from people fresh in relationships living in the glory,making post daily about their new found love and how happy they are in this world.

Being single can be very overwhelming and many times these post can make you feel worse than you should. Honestly,most people within FB post only show you the good times,they will never till you about the horrible times.So it's easy to think, I'm missing out on everything good in life and then get depressed.

Truth is most people in relationships don't even know themselves. Most people have chased relationships their whole life,jumping from one to the next. Never really ever taking the time to explore life or find themselves.


This gets even worse when you get 2 people in a relationship who are following that same road. Both are looking to fill a void they can't fill themselves with someone else but in the end don't even really know who they are or what they want.

I feel if you can be 100% happy by yourself and still live a healthy, vibrant life you'll end up having a lot more to give in the end. So don't look at these times that you're alone as negative or bad times.You're learning more about yourself than many people who are jumping into relationship after relationship.

So don't ever let the internet or anything bring you down for being single. You've got the chance to explore you and your dreams. You get a chance to learn about yourself,what really makes you tick. Something many people never take the time to learn.

Till next time,keep smoking



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I’ve spent pretty much half of my adult life being single, and am since some years again, and I wouldn’t have it differently.

Aside from being a solitary soul — is that truly a writer gene in me — the amount of self-exploration, and improvement, it has allowed me to do is something nothing else could have given me.

Especially not those thousands of evenings, nights sitting on the window sill spliff in hand like a fknphilosopher.

Carpe Diem and let no peer pressure or social status quo bring you down. They’re imposed standards, find your own and make the best of it. 🤘


I've got many friends in the FB realm who get caught up in the post about relationships and kids. They are getting older and it's really starting to wear on a few people. So figured I'd share my opinion on the blockchain. Then I can link it to FB. Lets me vent and promo for the chain !


They may love this one then.


This applies for both genders BTW.


Bill is funny shit. He says whatever the fuck he wants. Nice share ,thank you. =)


All these apps keep saying stuff like “Swipe 50 times right to find the right one for you” but all I get is a dislocated thumb swiping left when reading those profiles. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Clearly I should stop reading profiles but why not just continue with comics if it’s merely about the pictures?

Words of wisdow. One of the reasons i have to remember myself when i go to facebook is that people 99,99% of the time share only the good stuff in their lives and everybody seems to live a perfect life and off course we end up comparing our life to theirs and its like we are missing i'm not really a big fan of social media.
I've been single, i've been commited and i can say that unless you have a really openmind person with a similar mindset like yours it will be very difficult and that is so hard to find so i mostly prefer to be single then settle for someone that i don't feel totally comfortable with.
Besides being single allows me to do what i want, when i want without having to "negotiate" with a partner ;)


I stay on Fb because of my music promotion. FB is really good for promotion, so many "average joes" use it everyday. It's also a great tool for staying in contact with very old friends as phone numbers always change in this world. Yes, being single obviously gives you more freedom to chase dreams and passions into your late age.

Being single and "alone" helps alot in self discovery. You get to love yourself first because if you don't love yourself when you get into a relationship you might have issues with your partner. I've been single for quite some years now and I must say I have really learnt a lot about loving myself, knowing myself and improving on myself. Relationships are not bad either but before you get into them you should get to know thyself. Peace and Love


I agree 100% with everything you said my friend. Glad you're taking the time to explore yourself. Stay safe my and peace =)

I was never looking for it and I still got it.
But, first thing first. You must love yourself, then start to give it before you receive anything.


Yes, 100%. Knowing/Loving yourself is key. =)

I love this post! Thank you for this Todd!


Glad you enjoyed it, thank you for taking the time to check it out =)