New PC, Working on Music and Smokey Treats !

6 months ago


Hello my favorite potheads and blockheads

A lot has happened since my last post on I scored a brand new PC, it's a prebuild from Digital Storm. My first pre build in a long time but honestly didn't feel like building one this time around, lazy stoner I've become my friends.

This PC has made me very lazy the last month,lol. I didn't work on a whole lot of new music but I feel breaks from even you're biggest passions is healthy. I did post on You Tube to keep my growth going in that field, You Tube for a small channel is rough. A month on doing nothing is like 2 years real life time but it keeps me active and always creating something.

I have started a few new tracks that have potential to make it on my new album, time will tell on that but overall I'm just trying to get back in the grind of posting on my active sites now that I';'m trying to evolve past my "puppy dog love" phase for my new PC.

One of my post from You Tube did get shared on a synthesizer news site, which was dope. Direct link to the video and article can be found below.

Hope everyone within the space is doing good and staying lifted !


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Right on buddy! Stoked to hear of your new rig, made all the difference for me in getting videos done!

Great news about the mention, like you said everything counts for a small channel!


Yea , it's nice. Anything helps in that hardcore You Tube hill you must climb lol


In future, starting next week, I will make certain to use exclusively your tunes for my stream 😁 I run it with a logged in YouTube window plumed into obs then discord so legit views for authors - I will be certain to include some form of shout-out for the beats 😘

Cool keep up the good work :)


Thank you, I need to get around to posting here more often. Hope you've been good?


Yeah man, curating away and coding here and there, still effectively under covid lockdown but otherwise doing great :)