My Fellow Pot Heads !

5 months ago

Hope everyone has been good. It looks like my profile pic got sorted out so I'm not just a big ! anymore which is great. I've been super busy busting out content for my You Tube, creating new music and enjoying my new PC. I hope everyone on the blockchain has been safe and healthy during these crazy times.


My new PC is great for gaming/fun but gives my content a much needed boost too. Editing is faster and easier than ever before, my god a solid PC makes video editing so much better. So it's a double whammy, pleasure and content all in one package. I just make sure to keep all liquids and bongs away from the PC area. I don't want my stoner ass breaking a 1,500$ PC.

I pushed the graphics card up to a RTX-2070. I do want to upgrade my RAM to 32 gigs in the future, just to make editing and big projects run even smoother but overall this is by far the most powerful PC I've ever owned.

I'm always happy to see thriving. I took a small break from blockchain space overall, I pushed really hard and needed a little breathing room. I plan on jumping back into the space by posting weekly jams to music for steem on Steemit and on I feel these are the 2 best places for me to dip my toes back in blockchains waters.

As always, I need to thank everyone who has supported me in anyway at all. In any space within the blockchain world or beyond. It really means a lot.

Till next time, keep smoking


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What is your youtube account and which software you use for editing? Adobe Premiere /Shotcut? Glad to have you back here on and waiting for your jams 😊💚


Thank you 😊💚


Adobe is sweet but I went a budget options atm. - Filmora

It's a 60$ lifetime unlock, so it's a cheap investment and gives me the ability to upload 1080/4k with enough editing for my type of content, at least for now. I'll be adding music to very soon =)


Awesome, i'll take a look. Let me know where you can find some music not subject to copyright? Thank you 😊