Dabs and Live Synthesizers

7 months ago


Hello my fellow pot heads and blockheads. Long time no speak but I've been keeping a eye on the blockchain, giving upvotes to post when I can. I've been super busy between music, content and my mothers health issues. Extra time the last 6 months has been slim but I'm glad Smoke.io is still thriving and seems to have decent interactions on post still today compared to some other systems.

Today I wanted tp share a little live synth jam I did 100% on my Apple iPad with a midi controller. This is the result of smoking mad dabs, stress of modern world and making music. I really hope you enjoy the results.

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welcome back man, great music man!


Thank you man, that means a lot. Glad you're still around the blockchain broskies. Sure we'll talk again soon =)

Good to see yea jamming again brother 👍


Thank you, always good to hear from you my friend. Hope you've been safe and doing well


Still going strong doing my thing 👍 hope all has been well for you as well?

Pass my well wishes to your Mom!