Blunt Force Syndrome Music Video (Industrial/Electro/Dark Synth)

9 days ago

Welcome my fellow pot heads and blockheads to another original song created by me, mixed with various video and editing to fit the vibe. Blunt Force Syndrome is the 15th track off my latest album, A Distant Love for Life. Pushing the album past the 40 minutes of total playtime and that album will still evolve from this point. I hope you enjoy the results

You can download my latest album 100% free on Bandcamp !
Bandcamp :

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Loved it 🤩


Glad you enjoyed it !


A lot 😊

Add me, if it is thy will, I shall do the same,
o ye fellow music producer and stoner!


Sup, long time no talk. Will do


Indeed it has! How are things, man?!!
Good to have returned to the Stoner's LAIR!!!
See ya soon around the #StonerFam house!