2021 My Fellow Pot Heads & Blockheads. Keep Smoke.io Going Strong !

20 days ago

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It's a new year and crypto and weed are both gain momentum in really awesome ways around the world.

I know it's been a very hard yea in many ways but so many amazing things are forming out of the dark times. I really think 2021 will be a much better year even with the issues still at hand around the world.

I'm almost 100% sure it's going to be a interesting year for crypto. This platform still have unique and honest interaction in ways other blockchains lack. Smoke.io is one of the few blockchain projects I invest time into today when it comes to time/posting. That's 100% because of the people/interactions not the coins value. That's a important aspect to have in a project. I hope all the people within the Smoke.io space had a good holiday season.

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I need to thank everyone who has supported my work/content or art over the last year. I'm so grateful that grinding my passions are starting to pay off. Sites like Smoke.io have helped so much in that manner, you're all amazing and have a great 2021 ~

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Your right... it's the people that make smoke. I don't use social media other than smoke.io ,so that says something.! Power to the (smoke) people .


It's a great platform !

Get high man


Facts =)

Thank you. Happy 2021..it'll be a great year. Keep smoking!


Same to you my friend !