PayPDM - Decentralized Crypto Finance Firm Review

10 months ago

What is PayPDM about?

The PayPDM Concept

PayPDM FinTrade is a blockchain-based money related firm that is focused on budgetary tradings essentially to remote trade, crypto, and crypto resource expansions.

We executed FinTrade as a solid method to contribute crypto and to produce incomes for the PayPDM firm and its locale.

PayPDM is a decentralized crypto account firm working as online money related administrations that bolsters the normalization of cryptographic money use in contributing, loaning, gamings and land, additionally as an electronic choice to bank fiats.

While existing issue lies, PayPDM offers arrangements in all ways. Sponsored under a significant group, crypto monetary administrations have another measurement under the protection of PayPDM.

The objective is to have an open money framework where there would be boundless opportunities for both network and firm.

Decentralized crypto finance firm

PayPDM is Decentralized finance currency which will be taking action for solving services to revenue & asset that cause a problem which occurs in the blockchain platform.

PayPDM FinTrade was created to support its locale and open securely contribute their cryptos and get more incomes on it with an okay included.

FinTrade is decentralized budgetary assistance which nobody holds focal force not levels the firm. With experienced and long haul monetary dealers, specialists behind the Fund group. FinTrade is working accordingly from remote trade, cryptographic money as a rule and crypto resource broadening.

FinTrade is a simple to utilize budgetary assistance and it is being directed with coming improvements to cover 54 nations with high law compliance. From the protection of speculators reserves, insurance of assets in case of improbable tradings and financial specialist security. We would stay the main crypto money firm contribution protected and simple contributing. A simple crypto loaning stage where one can loan cryptos without security utilizing a brisk check and straightforward ID. This would be open just to PayPDM People group individuals up to that point, Advancements are being executed to having an effective discharge. PayPDM gaming has been a fantasy and part of the objectives for PayPDM. They are behind an open gaming framework which is multi-client bolstered that acquires incomes to clients. Clients can procure genuine coins that can be traded for cryptos.


The allocation of PYD is measured by the amount of contribution each user makes to the PayPDM network. PYD rewards are available for effective activities at PayPDM and for contributing to the PayPDM network. 30% of the total supply of PYD will be used to reward users who contribute to the PayPDM network. Effective activities include: inviting friends to join the PayPDM network, participating in PayPDM's FinTrade, participating in PayPDM's campaign and promotions, Priority Token holders and PayPDM Community members

PayPDM Network has the right to earn PYD Coins. PayPDM allocates 50% of the total supply of PYD participants holders of PYD. PayPDM distributes 50% of its total supply among PYD holders in proportion to the number of PYDs owned by them. PayPDM also distributes 30% of total profit in the operational quarter to holders of PYD in proportion to priority holders to unitholders.

Token info

Token = PYD
Platform = Ethereum
Type = ERC20
Price in ICO = 1 ETH = 2000 PYD, 1 BTC = 80,000 PYD

More info links to PayPDM


Bitcointalk username : methereums
Bitcointalk profile link :;u=1423980
ERC20 Wallet Address : 0x4156f804a6869c4382Ec14b9e60f634319B2839B

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