Magic Balancer Rebalance Protocol Review

18 days ago

What is Magic Balancer about?


The Magic Balancer Concept

Decentralized Finance has become a hot topic due to the innovative nature of its services, which are inclusive everyone can get the same service, with no minimum transactions, open source transparent, anyone can contribute, non-custodial service providers do not store data and do not have access to funds from customers, and do not have an intermediary because it is regulated by a central authority.

Magic Balancer is a deflationary governance DEFI token that rewards active users with transactional rewards and liquidity rebalancing features via the Smart Contract protocol. MGB tokens are designed to be long-term and increase their value by deflating and incentivizing users to participate by providing awesome rewards. Each MGB token incentive has no effect on the overall supply, which means that MGB token growth will never be hampered in any way. Every Magic Balancer protocol is designed to be completely untrustworthy, and it runs without the need for human intervention.

Bridge from BSC to ETH

Yes, we plan to launch our own MGB token bridge, allowing you to exchange BEP20 MGB for ERC20 MGB and vice versa. However, you won't be able to exchange the whole chain until this is completed.

How do I communicate with Magic Balancer's BSC contract?

To link to the platform, simply change the network on your Metamask or use a BSC wallet. We're currently working on a magic balancer for the Ethereum network for the BSC.

Is it true that the Magic Balancer Team created its own BSC swap?

Yes, the BSC exchanges they use were designed specifically for us by there development team, who are ideally suited to handle our custom token metrics and provide the highest level of protection. A built-in LP lock is also included in the exchange, ensuring that all LPs are locked for 90 days at a time. Swap's ability to manage trades with tokens that have unique metrics is currently restricted, so we'll have to create their own swaps to suit their mechanism. We also strengthened there repurchase structure with their own swaps, as we coded the repurchase capability to only delete the MGB sum from LP, reducing the number of steps in the repurchase process.

What is a Magic Balancer, and how does it work?

Magic Balancer is a deflationary governance DEFI token that uses a smart contract protocol to reward active users while also combining transaction incentives and liquidity rebalancing.

MGB tokens are designed to be long-term and increase their value by deflating and incentivizing users to be involved while delivering excellent rewards. MGB token growth would never be difficult because each MGB allocated reward token never jeopardizes the entire supply. Every Magic Balancer protocol is designed to be completely distrustful and to work without the need for human interference. This means that all Magic Balancer protocols can operate indefinitely without the need for human interference. It also means that you, as the token holder, are under no obligation to trust others. The code is the only thing you can trust in the crypto world; it never lies.

The most successful crypto projects are those that have completely insecure protocols and demonstrate this with full code transparency. This is what Magic Balancer has to offer; it's our guiding principle and the only way to get a protocol out.

The Magic Balancer ensures that the cost per refill rises over time. This is achieved by temporarily withdrawing some of the liquidity from the MGB/ETH pair, purchasing the MGB market with ETH, and then burning the remaining MGB. Essentially, the Uniswap MGB / ETH pair's equilibrium is being restored, and the MGB value is rising in relation to ETH.

The MGB token was created by the group, and it is a versatile community-driven project with potential community governance accomplished solely by voting.

Token info:

• Token Name - Magic Balancer
• Token Symbol - MGB
• Decimals - 18
• Total Supply - 300,000 MGB
• Token address - 0xf4f3d6a60765bf705b27716f50fccba5f0ea0ca1

More info links to Magic Balancer

Official Website:







Bitcointalk username : methereums
Bitcointalk profile link :;u=1423980
ETH Wallet adress : 0x4156f804a6869c4382Ec14b9e60f634319B2839B

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