Boom Crypto Market (BCM) Review

last month

What is Boom Crypto Market about?

The Boom Crypto Market Concept

Boom Crypto Market is a fast rising Defi startup, with an expert commercial center and digital currency resource posting and IDO stage fueled by a local token BCM. The task is pointed toward bringing supreme straightforwardness, trust and decentralization to the blockchain and digital money space, an expert stage that bears trust through a shrewd agreement that permits the two administrations suppliers and purchasers to execute contracts without trust issues.

Rock'n'block Audit

The data is a rundown of suggestions on what should be done to guarantee the quality and security of the shrewd agreement. The Rock'n'block specialists directed the confirmation of the savvy contract. In light of the aftereffects of the exploring and testing, it is set up that the symbolic shrewd agreement conforms to the details determined in the terms of reference. During the inspecting and testing of the agreements, basic blunders and potential weaknesses were not distinguished. Outside of the included notes, the code assessed was basic and clean. The designing, naming, what's more, different shows utilized were genuinely normal, and the legacy structure was well organized, bringing about a codebase that was simpler.

BoomCrypto Market Approach

This audit was proceeded as a complete audit of the codebase and takes into thought both the Solidity code, just as the objective stage: Binance Smart Chain fundamental organization. The Solidity was surveyed not only for normal weaknesses furthermore, antipatterns, yet additionally for its equality with the purpose of the deployer, for its effectiveness, and for the practices utilized during improvement.

Contract were reviewed with regards to the leveled document, which incorporated a solitary robustness record. The survey performed didn't evaluate any contents, tests, or other non-Solidity records.

Checking the code of the keen agreement for consistence with the prerequisites of the client code rationale, composing calculations, coordinating with the underlying steady qualities.

• Identification of expected weaknesses
• Control testing of the keen agreement for consistence with indicated client prerequisites.
• Running properties trial of the keen agreement in the test net

Token functions

The token contract allows the holder transfer tokens to a specific
address BCM token contract does not allows the owner or privileged users
to mint tokens to a specific address BCM token contract allows the owner or privileged users to mint and freeze tokens to a specific address with indicate unfreeze date.

Token info

Token Name - Boom Crypto Market
• Token Symbol - BCM
• Decimals - 18
• Total Supply - 100,000 BCM
• Token address - 0x26CaBa196478b2EEF1ED5009C675c4243bB6D547
• Token Creator address - 0x1e1fedbeb8ce004a03569a3ff03a1317a6515cf1
• Token Owner address - 0x5C09818BB876675348eDe312d1520E497A6b63E5
• Type of token - BEP20
• Minted tokens: 0x5c09818bb876675348ede312d1520e497a6b63e5 - 100,000 BCM
• Mint function - disabled (no more tokens can be minted)

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Bitcointalk username : methereums
Bitcointalk profile link :;u=1423980
Binance Smart Chain ( BSC ) Wallet adress : 0x660ad7fA6DCC150c00dF87f56E03656ceBC810a5

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Is this coin listed on the PoloniexExchange site?


No this coin is on the Binance Smart Chain, will be available to trade april 1 on Pancakeswap