Börser Shares of a Company in the Form of Cryptocurrency ICO Review

2 years ago

What Börser is about?

Börser Concept

By utilizing circulated records, the Börser stage flawlessly incorporates with the esteem included ability of the money related industry by presenting an upset in the venture Börser uses a novel motivator component that is known as the Börser token. The Börser token keeps refreshed data on the Börser organize. With the utilization of a Börser token, a straightforward biological community is framed, along these lines guaranteeing that reliable information can be given to intrigued pares who need to get to the framework the scene of the money related area. Börser is presenting the most developed methods for handling the test of proficient what's more, successful monetary speculation using blockchain innovation. Börser uses the Ethereum stage for its advancement. Ethereum is an open-source programming stage intended for circulated programming, just as brilliant contract ability. With the utilization of Ethereum, a proof-of-work calculation is additionally empowered, and the consideration of evidence of work in the Börser stage improves the dimension of security accessible for clients.

Mi Wall Street ELITE Marketing

Mi Wall Street ELITE is a network marketing franchise-style product. ELITE members will not only have access to trading signals (at no extra cost) but will also be able to sell Mi Wall Street's brokerage accounts, managed accounts, and trading signals, in order to generate a profit. In a similar fashion to Mul-Level Marketing (MLM) companies, ELITE members will also generate commissions on the “sales force” or new ELITE member sales.
This will go as far as 10 generations in some products.

It will also be very similar to a franchise as the ELITE member will receive a unique URL using this format: https //MiWallStreet.com/EliteMemberName to which they will direct traffic On this URL, all of the services offered by Mi Wall Street will be advertised and the user will receive a commission for every client that joins Mi Wall Street through their URL.

This product is a perfect fit for those entrepreneurs that understand and see the potential in providing services in the financial markets, but don't have the knowledge or capital to start their own firms and become competitive.

Another very unique feature is that the MLM platform will be created and managed using blockchain technology. Commissions will be automated using technology available in blockchain named smart contracts. This will not only ensure transparency and security but will also, in fact, be the first of its kind.

ELITE members will pay for trading signals/franchise-style MLM membership using Börser's cryptocurrency and will receive a commission in Börser as well
through the smart contracts). These commissions will then be deposited
into their wallet in X-Change.

Digital exchanhge

There are reaction to the blast of cryptographic forms of money, as they encourage the buy and clearance of various tokens and coins. The issue in any case is that the distinction between the purchasing and selling cost of cryptographic forms of money is much of the time less than 15%.

Token info

Token = BOR
Platform = Ethereum
Type = ERC20
PreICO price 1 BOR = 0.8 USD
Price in ICO = 1.0000 USD

More info links to Börser:

Website: https://borser.cr/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/BORSERcr
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BORSERcr
Telegram: https://t.me/Borsercr
Whitepaper: https://borser.cr/docs/whitepaper.pdf


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