It's good to be back home I missed you smoke community!

5 months ago

Hello all its been a while since I last posted, way to long in my oppinion but hey life happens! Instead of going off about it and making excuse as to why I have been away, I would prefer to just say man it is good to be back.

So...... what have I been up to? Well fabricating, testing and selling the worlds best micro grow unit! Not my words about the "Worlds best micro grow unit thing" I swear, just a comment from a happy customer :-).

The last time I posted I mentioned that I was going to start a new business selling covert pc grow cases. So I build a prototype and sold it with a heavy heart, wish I could have kept it and think I will explain this to my first customer and give him a new unit to get my proto back! What can I say I am sentimental about some things.

After that my listing exploded and I have had 19 orders in the last few months. 9 on ebay and 10 sold locally through people I know. Could not have come at a better time because I lost my full time job recently because immigration tends to drag there feet when you require specific documentation to work. Bla who needs them anyway I build the worlds best grow box remeber? Well I think it's only fair I let the SMOKE community decide.

For your entertainment I have done a dodgy you-tube video for my ebay listing showing off my design and what you get when you buy one of my Stealth PC Units.

My first review on youtube wheeeew, think you guy's get the idea. So now I work full time doing a job I love building covert grow units. See I said I was gonna do it!

If you are interested in seeing my listing or possibly making a purchase please visit ebay and get in touch via the ebay contact form. Then come back and drop a comment below and I will give ya a decent discount, exclusive to all my smoke peeps.

I must just mention there is currently a waiting period for orders but im working on increasing productivity as soon as possible.

As always I am looking forward to all comments, let me know what you think and drop your idea's and oppinions below I would apprciate the feedback.


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Welcome back! How'd the pringles can grow go? :D


Man I must be honest it did not work very well, I think it is just to small LOL. However I have not forgotten I plan an doing somthing a little differnt in future.

Cool looking grow box BTW, good work 👍


Thank you very very much!


Welcome back to
the Smoke Cemetery!
Looking forward to reading
your grow guides and tutorials!


Hahaha thanks