Buy Items from using SMOKE token (for USA Only)

5 months ago

Hi Smoke Fam,

What if I tell you that “You can purchase goods on in exchange for SMOKE token??”


Yes, you heard right , I’m here to facilitate that happen at a small scale for now.

  1. I will purchase one $30 giftcard every week and sell it in exchange for SMOKE token (I will pay you more than market value)

  2. I will pay about 30% more than market value

    Example: Current smoke token price : $0.019, I will buy them for: $0.025

  3. Only USA residents can make use of this gift card

  4. You can only use them to purchase items on

  5. Only one gift card will be sold every week(for now)

  6. Whoever sends below mentioned smoke tokens first, will receive the gift card

This weeks amazon gift card offer

  • Amazon Gift Card Amount : $30 USD
  • Current Market Value of SMOKE : $0.019
  • BetGames offer for SMOKE : $0.025
  • Sale Price : 1200 SMOKE token

What do you need to send me?

  • Amount to Send: 1200 SMOKE
  • Whom to Send : betgames
  • Memo: your email id

Also once you send comment below that you have sent and I will make another post once the gift card is sold(you can also check my wallet to see the transactions).

I will send you $30 worth Amazon gift card to your email id within 24 hours

Which will land in your email like this underneath which there will be a cliam code:

If you don't know how to redeem amazon gift card to your amazon wallet you can easily google it or use following link:

The giftcard can be used on to purchase any item of your choice (US only)

Amazon also sells bong pipes , so you could consider buying them 😉

First person to send the 1200 SMOKE token gets the gift card.
If someone has already purchased it from me just before you did, I will refund your SMOKE.

Why am I doing this?

  • I want to give smoke members option to “Buy real and cool stuffs of their choice for SMOKE token easily without the hassle of using Exchanges ”
  • This will give another opportunity for Smoke member to motivate themselves to be active on platform.

Right now I can only afford to spend about $200 to $300 bucks a month to sell gift cards. In future I intend to sell more in exchange for smoke token.

What will I do with purchased SMOKE tokens?

  • I will donate 200 SMOKE token to someone who is organizing contests (This time it will be sent to @cannaweedness team as a support from team @betgames )
  • Remaining 1000 SMOKE token will be used to power up or trade on Rudex to increase trade volume

If you don't like this idea, please let me know, I'm open for critics :-)


We are a witness on @betgames) if you think we(me and my wife) can spread joy here and support community, please consider voting for “betgames” as witness .
if you decide to support, visit and vote for @betgames

Love and good wishes from @betgames and @bgw !!
#amazongiftcard #smoke #smokenetwork #betgames #witness

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I think this is an interesting idea and the concept of this is well thought out. Something like this could help with time spread the name even more. True, there are not a lot a people who have liquid smoke of 1200 to exchange so easily but if you like pipes for instance like me and there is a cool pipe you like but can't really spare the cash to buy it then you wouldn't be sorry for smoke. Atleast I wouldn't. Cool idea. One day when I got more smoke I'll probably use this system.


yes, this idea if implemented in a website like amazon , but just for, that would be awesome. But now for time sake I just coined this idea to push us towards that goal :)

This is a very cool initiative. There probably are not a ton of people with 1200 liquid smoke lol, but there is gotta be someone out there to take the deal


lol, that's true.

As a witness I could do couple of things to promote when I'm too busy in personal life.

  1. Support people with finance who can support ( so I will donate 200 SMOKE to contest organizers every week if there is a purchase)

  2. For people to buy gift card from me two things they could do - either buy SMOKE token from market, that creates volume and increase in price of SMOKE in market. Or they need to earn smoke by posting quality contents so that they have enough smoke to sell it to me.

I hope to find someone to buy this $30 giftcard for 1200 SMOKE

This is a cool idea man!! I live in Canada , so can’t make use of this . I also don’t have 1200 smokes , lol. But considering that you are selling at more than market value , I would have bought smoke token at lower price from market and sell it to you at higher price😍

I will check with my friend in California, he uses amazon a lot, if he wants I will buy some smoke from Rudex and sell it to you 😀


Great! Thanks buddy! Let me know if you want it. And if you send tokens let me know with a comment here 👍

Awesome idea man, if you are down maybe we can wirk together in the future as I can get access to plenty of gift cards from usa and canada normally.

Thanks for taking the step to set this up


Definitely sky! We shall set up some place where only trusted sellers can sell limited amount of stuffs in exchange for SMOKE token until we build a place like local bitcoin for smoke. Because right now we don’t have a escrow agent to verify transaction.

I shall ping you when I have a shared document ready to list items that you want to sell(preferably e gift cards) , and then may be in couple of weeks I will set up a webpage only to list items from trusted sellers(trust: heavily invested users 😅)


sounds good got your discords message now going to message on that,

I think this is an awesome idea! I love the idea of being able to buy things wish smoke. I'm looking to buy some smoke though not sell. Hope it goes though!


Yeah I don’t have enough smoke to sell either 😅 and thank you, I will continue this kind of deals long term so people who don’t have enough smoke now don’t have to worry 🤗

This is a cool initiative. I’m not sure about current situation but you may also see that people want Steam and iTunes gift cards. There’s still sites offering those so I’m guessing there’s still a demand for them.


Yeah, Steam and itunes google play netflix Amazon xbox psnetwork are the 6 that are popular


Yeah just trying this out, hopefully I get some buyers for gift card. We could definitely extend this to other products as well with a proper infrastructure


I setup the ecomm, you build oAuth.




Sounds good to me 😉


Excellent offer!

This is a great idea.

So cool! I’m in Mexico now but am from the States and buy from Amazon all the time. I would definitely use this service. What a great idea. Finding fiat gateways is a major sticking point for crypto mass adoption!