Mooning In Full Beams At 1 Five Five 3

4 months ago



Does one hear me traverse the morning
Dropping Latent Silvery Dreams through the heavens?

No?.....ah you do!

Barge has an entry pass, and guidance regarding when
To set sail
And float
His boat

"2019 | 19 02
One 5:5 three
Gee Em Tee",
I gloat

Sparkling, sprinkling, upflowing
Unsanitised Lunacy bestowing
Sodden embers re a-glowing
When I cast my vote

Such ain't no gurgling want or plea
But a Wild sound of "Let It Be"
Releasing anguish's agony
Emerging from his throat

Hey Barge, you gona call on Mandy?
She bends headaches, uproots the tree
Alles Gute comes in 3
Bring her with you when you come and see me
I'm not all that remote

Silver, yes, 'ag' - Eh Gee?
Periodically table and fill the Dream
For nothing's quite what it would seem
As voiceless Voice does itself redeem
Argent feature, our re-current theme
of Streaming I, a Full Moonbeam,
Down on Cancer's boat!




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