WOWApp - Messenger App that will make you the money?

last year


To be honest I am a sort of addicted to app testing, in case I find something interesting I want to try it. Some apps are a bit better than the other, I would say that a messenger that pays is a great change. I have this app for years, but till now I had no wish to refresh it because it doesn't run on Linux and I hate using mobile to type.

The fun thing about this mobile app is that we can earn in a few ways, which is good. I don't think I will be doing much chatting, but that can be changed.

In my experience an app was easy to use, payments are legit and the users were satisfied with it, for either reason.

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WowApp is based on Wowism - Wowism is the new economic system in which the majority of economic benefits is shared with the community. The community in turn shares in order to do good in the world.


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