Twitter Smoke.Io campaign initiated - starter ideas

last month

First, I was usually sharing only my own posts from my Twitter profile, so this is going to be much different.

For a starter batch I chose the articles that already have some status in Google 1st and 2nd page. Unfortunate I found one that is a whitepaper copy, and that one is I believe 1st page under smoke url search.

Twitter tags are also small science, but for the starters I just a few of them that are self explanatory. I will definitely add some more in the future.

Let's see the performance in the fast few minutes.

Tags used were:
Smoke canna cannabis network crypto cryptocurrency blockchain

Posts used:

  1. Posting from Mobile App
  2. An Introduction To - Part 1: What Is
  3. questions for idiots
  4. First impressions of after more than two weeks spent on this blockchain
  5. Detailed Guide: What is a Smoke Witness? How much do they get paid? What are their responsibilities?

Total view count after 60 minutes: 88 views

This should be improved, so I will come up with better tactic tomorrow.

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As someone who's attempting to be less of a dick in the name of turning a new leaf but probably failing horribly so far with a lot of work to do... This line might be better off being called "Frequently Asked Questions" or "FAQ" for short... questions for idiots

Most places go with "FAQ" for frequent questions that seem to reoccur or are "simple" and should "not have to be explained" and such or just to clarify on any discrepancies or unclear points. Calling someone an idiot is a stab at them and I doubt stabbing at people will entice them to come here. I'd know better than anyone, I've driven a good handful away, but they weren't high quality people to begin with, so we have a chance here to start to bring those that ARE and leave those that aren't in the dust.


Some people think I'm one who should be left in the dust but the smoke price would have tanked to this point much much faster without me. I have consistently given liquidity across the board and only when provoked did I ever try to tear anyone down. I'll be here in one form or another so for me it's the choice to better instead of dominate. I'd rather help this place at this point, as it needs it, and I'm tired of fighting for the shit I believe and think and feel in life. Seems the world is filled with weakness and we need to accommodate that otherwise we're the "assholes" for being who we wish to be. Pick and choose your battles, I suppose. In addition, I've been met with the loss of friends in all this Covid bullshit so I'm emotionally exhausted from seeing life exit this world. People far better than myself. People the world is worse for having lost. In a way I'd like to try to be less of the piece of shit that I never cared I was, to honor that balance in the universe that was lost. Good needs to overcome Evil, but rarely does it ever. If you're going to promote, good, I can only hope others will as well. In the coming months, based on the actions of the community, I'll begin investing in more banner campaigns and other paid advertising that most avoid in lieu of "sharing on social media" to their 30 followers or 6 family members or whatever the fuck they've got, with obscure tags half the time. I'm all for advertising but there's real advertising and then there's sharing to friends, family, and acquaintances. Most don't advertise this place and that is why no new money has really come. The saying "It takes money to make money" doesn't exist purely out of comical need, it's a saying fueled by the lifeblood of business and commerce.... investing. Time is the one investment we don't get back, but unfortunately for the masses, most companies and businesses and other financially-based constructs, don't care how much you think your time is worth and have their own views on how much that time is worth. When you only invest time to share posts, you're saying to others that this place is only worth investing time in and not money and money is the only thing that makes this truly different than any regular ass blogging/sharing site. This blockchain isn't decentralized so that aspect has been long gone and a joke to begin with. It was a steem clone from the jump, it had limited potential and the reason more aren't here is because the truly smart, saw that and stayed away because they saw what too much stake held can do without a sufficient dev team and this place definitely didn't have that even in the beginning.

@aschatria Keep up the good work .: )

Great to share! This place is fun! :)

Twitter Tag ... search for something semi relevant to topic of tweet that is trending

Silly "Bitcoin Bull Tweets" and the everchanging like get alot of attention by investors

Are you sharing to your account? If you reach out too @unnamed you may be able to shar using the Smokeio Twitter account 😁

Share content from DTube about cannabis and tag @onelovedtube