Twitter Smoke.Io campaign - continuing promo shares

25 days ago

Long time no see. I posted a few tweets 12 days ago linking to a Smoke.Io content and published results after about an hour. At that time with 5 links on Smoke I received 88 previews. But even 12 days after the same posts continue receiving views and are now on 250 previews, which is great.

These are the links I will be sharing today and monitoring results. I know I have been a bit slow, but everything slowed down for me everywhere else too. I was far less active last week, especially because I had a few things to do plus I got a bad issue with teeth and had to undergo a minor surgery. So, of four days that I am into cryptos I was active for real for about two.

I added more relevant tags and added images on an each share, so that should chime a lil better over there and it did. I will see how to reach even further with mentions, follows and similar.

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What a great idea to attract people, there I went to the link retweet your tweet, could you explain me how to do it to do it on instagram and facebook?


On Instagram you can use tags and images to attract attention and place your Smoke link in the profile. I don't know about the Facebook, you should ask somebody who is more informed at current moment about cannabis rules and other things.

Btw...I sympathize with anything to do with teeth as I've got issues myself.


I hope you get that done asap, thanks.

Shares reached 400+ views today