Too little SMOKE to withdraw or just wanna withdraw? - 1:1 swap w/ me for other coins/tokens

4 months ago

If you just wanna withdraw or/and/but you have some measly sum you can swap with me for other coins. I am not trying to make a biz out of this, it is just a friendly offer.

I know that some people hardly waiting to do it once we have clear path on Hive-Engine, either just to sell or because they are in dire need for money because of the shitty situation we are all in.

As for the trustworthiness, hardly I can (monumentally) screw myself by dropping waffles on a (public!) blockchain. I am not phased by money, pretty much I am down to a cent of fairness in the swaps.

In real life I'm buying stupid things with my extra cash, like the makeup and accessories I don't really need but they make my sad life happy even if I know some people could live a good month with 10 bucks.

If your country bans crypto we can deal out some other mean of transfer.

If you wanna swap let me know either in comments or on any of the contacts I will leave on the bottom of this post.

This offer is valid only for then members of the Smoke.Io, you can refer to it at any time in the future unless I am dead.

Twitter: aschatria777
Telegram: aschatria777
Discord: aschatria#1254

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Great idea. Are you planning to swap coins for smoke?