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This is a great idea for coin/token adoption with rewards, tips etc. aside from making additional income. Essentially I am trying to find a way how to get people interested into this, plus it is much easier to have everything in one single application.

Than just scattered all over the place in 5 different ones, and usually these wallets and reward bots have nothing in common.

What you can do with this? Well, you can rain tokens/coins in your Discord server, I found out that there is a way to add SMOKE in there.

For example there is TIPcc Discord bot, but faucet is dry there for SMOKE, and you can use that one just for Discord and Telegram. I have it on Discord, I didn't really try to add it onto Telegram.

Also, there is an option to make your own personalised tokens, so that is very cool.

How can we use it?

My first guess is Twitter campaigns, at least that I will try. There is also an app called Gleam, that also can be used for campaigns and rewards.

Here is a screencapture and a few details about it.

CCTIP app is a mobile app for iPhone and android, the way you can utilise it is to download app and claim various coins and tokens a couple times per day.

Invite (Daily limit : 6 times):

The benefit of using ref code is the additional reward coins that you will receive once you login in.

Other rewards available are the daily and weekly contests and quests.

Tools available are tools for tips for Telegram, Discord, Twitter and Reddit.

Exchange - swap and convert tokens, is allegedly gas free.

T there are also the tools for creating and tracking tips on Twitter. This could be useful for various contests, invites, rewards, giveaways - whatever you want to organise or participate in.

There are also the settings option for Discord server and Telegram groups. I already tipped my own Discord server in order to organise sweepstakes and similar rewards.

You can also list your coin, use it as a wallet and participate in various games and events.

Reward tokens and coins include almost all traditional coins like DOGE, BCH, BTC, ETH and similar ... and all kinds of tokens from different services.

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Free is always good. You should definitely create some Timelapse Drawing videos with the free Autodesk Shetchbook app and share in Youtube, HideoutTV and earn some US $ to buy Bitcoin....


Thanks, I will see into that.
I don't know if I can pull it out with the YouTube, they are rather demanding with traffic and subscribers...


Yeah.. it’s not easy to get 1,000 subscribers on Youtube, but you start earning immediately with HideoutTV.

Awesome idea. Thanks for the information.


You are welcome