My next best plan for Smoke community and why am I Gandalf The Smoked

last month

I know that you all can't care less about anything I plan to do right now because you all wondering what a hell is my new profile picture. Yeah. It is Gandalf The Pink dressed into Hello Kitty attire, to be precise Hello Kitty Gandalf which became Gandalf The Smoked when Elon Musk put a pipe and weed swag on it. GFUS!

Yes, that's the original picture from his status. That is his status. He done that. He is not hacked. Aw no no. A hag claiming that he has been hacked because she can't comprehend anything about those weird statuses he posts on Twitter is fucking nuts. Simple as that. She also got bashed from YouTube and now posts on BitChute, fyi. No hacking there. Origigi work by him. Because he has nothing else to do, apparently.
So he's eating shit. and It is not even a meme.

So, there you have it, that is my new avatar, enjoy the parody on behalf of a wizard, also EM is ass stoned donkey fuck. Just so you know it. Nobody in their clear mind would do such a thing to the Gandalf.

Also, he is no longer weeding around, because it is so much legal.
No, he is receiving awards.

So this axelspringeraward was an effort but cringy. I will not tell you why, you have to watch it, but in my opinion the start of it is just icky.

So how a guy who was recently in trouble with price per share almost-nothing-plus-square-root-of-pistacchio... became second richest person on the Earth receiving prestigious awards.

It doesn't even matter what matters is that EM always looks like some weird derelict freaking about Rudy and arguing with own feet. Snow? - "ITS OBSOLETE" - rather chases extinct prepermafrost Moby Dick, fun.

You do not find that intriguing? No? Just me? OK.

So, finally what is my plan - I will take the best content on Smoke, and then share it on Twitter. Hopefully I will not get suspended or banned.

I see people recently got banned over nothing, proving what garbage Twitter is. In short, guy on Twetch shared that he has been suspended for calling somebody an idiot.

So an ordinary person gets suspended for calling people what they are in their point of view - by the way calling somebody an idiot is not a criminal accusation - and a billionaire gets nothing for calling a man what he's not?

I think Jack is solely made of ass-sucking. I mean EM is going to be richest man who ever lived and his plan will eventually assimilate the entire financial ecosystem, don't fucking even doubt it, but I don't think that double standards will have any part of it, including that jackass. I'm just rampantly tossing prophesies. It's not like this is an apocrypha. I eat shit, it is. LOL

The posts which I will chose for shares should be high quality, have an image ( for a nicer tweet) and it doesn't matter when they are written. If you have that kind of a post in mind, just link it below. Otherwise I will just curate content and present it in the next post what an interesting bunch I found.

If you have any idea that wold be fine for this campaign, also note it in the comments. I will take in consideration everything and make adjustments when it is needed.

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Twitter doesn't tend to ban cannabis content afaik, other social media though they totally ban cannabis content


I didn't notice it on FloteApp, and Memocash is dapp, so I think I have it all set for now.