24 days ago

To all my contacts, happy holidays. Enjoy new batch of Smoke.Io inspired banners. I hope you smoke it!

And now...

🐶 [wow!!] To a clothed snake oil salesman make-believe wizard... in case you wonder WHO didn't crawl in a potty hole to hide from a Hiemal Cold.

🐶 [much pie] Yes, that lonely figure down there is me taking a selfie with one of the town's webcams - SO WHATS UP!!?? - while I am waiting on my apple pie from that "bad horrendous Mc'American"... on -1 degree Celsius while razor sharp wind shaves the square pavement...

Just for the heck of it.

🐶 [wow HAT] I have a hat and a hoodie. No gloves, no jacket. No pussy bitching how thy inchworm lil fingers are freezing... Just to name a few snowflake problems you might experience these days... because you MUST be such an embodiment of all that HOT magick.

🐶 [so much warm, such Solar] In case you have a second doubt if it is so here is one more snap of a beautiful chill-garnished morning. No, I am not on the hospital floor attached to a tube, in fact I can't feel better.

🐶 [to the Moon!] I am grateful to the modern medicine but the fine art of science disappointed me in many ways so with the help of it, I also studied some other fine arts. Not so interesting or profound to a such an established professional that you are... You know, an infant level of proficiency. Basically in diapers.

🐶 [good filling] I managed to increase my entire state and now I can truly enjoy the gratitude of any condition, because darling, on this side, it is summer all year long.

🐶 [big flame] I am looking forward to the ice and cold, and when it start snowing, I will be doing angels in the snow ... NAKED. In a blizzard. I assume at the same time you will learn to thaw your jenny on a warm seat at the side of that ornament of uselessness you call your most appraising idol-worship.

🐶 [wow so nicely] So... hello from the other side, hope and SEE you bitch to die.

woof-woof shit-head...

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