last month

"Aw please don't make it all about money, you will attract the whole wrong type of the people" says a calculated snatch on finance web.

Don't make it about the money?? What kind of a shill sole licking maggot are you??
IT IS LITERALLY IN THE WEBSITE NAME! Look, it says ... what?.. a "finance".
Wrong type of the people?
Can you please elaborate on that one?
Because then what a fuck are you doing there?
What kind of a people? Me? Him? Dalai Lama? Who???


Aw, yes, yes, Ash, but you only post on Smoke because it is weed selling infrastructure... and ugh-uh rant-rant-rant, and you only post on financially rewarding websites because they pay you well ugh-uh fap-fap-fap...

Aw, yes 'man, I am paying all my whoring business, all my hookers with all that weed money, criminal money, internet money, filthy money, funny money - make a rap song of it - ... look at it, man, it's pure gold on ma side of a lawn, aw bro, it is raining ambrosia can't you see it?

Nope!? Aw fuck!! You must be one person left using the "Facebook monetization".

Do yar want parley or we'll just fucking stab ya'?

For these and other coldblooded collaboration obsessed flip-flopped intermittent fasting arse exfoliating fucktards who think they are aw so fair and not on a money side, I'll just go A FULL BANK!

Aw, you know whenever I put a phone outta my pocket they go .. awwww, a brand, they nod, but you see that disgusted grim. A brand..
I extend my hand to wave a greeting - aw, that nails job... and then a nods.

While I am walking around like a monk in drags with a tap water bottle nobody beats a bitch's bush, but when I scratch for a pocket - awwww, that pay-iiiiing.

What a bloody sausage of Jesus The Xified are you wailing for?

Nobody minds about wealth, but they all fucking sick envious. If you are such a saint about it why don't you go awe at me when I am "monking" around ya? Am bleeding poetry of spheres, why you not aww me?

Awwww, they talk money, awww, we have to stop it, awww I have to go throttle up that ass to assure my place in that rich stinkhole. ..

Talking about money not being on money platform, you stupid shill.

I'll just put a piggy heist on my profile, fuck all that yodeling about the pronouns - that's old. That's last year.
What's Piggy Heist? Look it up! That heist biz is next chapter Bible, Nostradamus saw it, all the occultists of this world craved it. That's all. That's it. Let's all go animated.

Fuck all that content creation faggot level of pedantry, artistic extrapolation, mindfulness & sacred pilgrimage, all that fucking stupid laxative concoction & bootless arsing for a dime - and your product is a - drum please - a photography of the sky, but it is socially acceptable, politically correct, more than anything - it is copyrighted, Mr. You verified - Instead of all that shit, because what's the fucking point, I will just put a full list of my favorite FIAT and crypto!!


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this is lost on me


I am parodying some ppl, they are overbearing lol



I'm so fucking confused.. What is going on here??


creativity 🔥