What's the current value of 1 SMOKE in USD?

last year

And where can I follow the price? Coinmarketcap doesn't seem to work very well with Smoke.

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1 SMOKE = 0.02289 USD, this price depends on the supply and demand of the market, you can see the real price of SMOKE.


Its price is based on the Bitshares cryptocurrency and all calculation depends on the value of it.

SMOKE can be traded by Bitcoin, but it is an irregular market and it is not used much, I do not understand why, but you can see that it keeps a different price here from Bitshares.




We hope the price will soon raise. Well done everbody.

One that I've found is https://cryptofresh.com/a/RUDEX.SMOKE_BTS

Gives a current USD equivalent.

Around 2.5 Cents now.
Long time passed and no new post from you!
I hope everything is ok, with you


Yes. I have just been busy and still is with school :) Hope you're well! :)


Thanks for asking / I had some healthy problem, but now I am more better / Nothing new here, I kept investing in Smoke and I got the slider / By the way CMC listing will be active again, soon.

around .5-.6 bts so around 2.5 cent

The price is ideal for some good investment. And with the Bull run seems around the corner, this could be a fate changing investment. I am working real hard to grab some money to avail the current price of smoke.


I use coinranking most times but it seems what they display isn't the actual price.. Or is it?


It seems to be moving up and down. Maybe they show the average price people are asking to sell ? I know people think they can buy it at .025 but they don’t get filled.

A: Way too low.