Let's get to know each other...

2 years ago

While bouldering I was wondering what kind of persons we have here on Smoke. Therefore I thought it would be cool to get to know each other a bit more. If you like, tell us your age, country, profession, hobbies, etc.

I'll start:

I'm in my twenties, currently studying physiotherapist and located in Copenhagen. I do a lot of bouldering, cardio, strength training etc, and currently try to do one healthy thing for myself each day. It varies from training to sauna, cardio to cold showers, etc. I play a bit of guitar and piano. Currently playing a lot of Bon Iver.

Just a bit of info of who I am, now it's your turn! :)

Bonus info: I don't smoke :o

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Well, I think I can help some people understand who I am with this if they don't know now,
I am 30 born and raised in a small town in Ontario Canada, Got an awesome wife @reefermom and 4 awesome kids. I am a full-time roofer and enjoy computers as a hobby. I found blockchain tech about 3 years ago now and Have enjoyed every up and down as a learning experience.
I have smoked for about 12 years now pretty much daily and I love trying all the new strains and concentrates that are around. as well as I went vegan 1 year ago in January and Let me tell you I have never had a better year than 2018.

I would love to quit my job and become a full-time cannabis advocate as well as a voice for the voiceless ( animal rights )


Nice to meet you! Maybe Smoke is your way to become a full-time cannabis advocate :) I certainly hope so!

I’m an old hippy stoner at 51 (born in 67);... Chippewa Medicine Man / Artist in Canada. I do a lot of kayaking, swimming, camping and living in a Teepee during the summers on Lake Superior in Canada. I play guitar, piano, harmonica, ukulele and do a lot of campfire sing alongs on the beach. I built a Barrel Sauna as a place to Smoke..... mostly High CBD with just a little bit of THC. I am growing my own autoflowering Cannabis Ruderalis from Free seeds..... I am interested in making edibles with my Home grown High CBD flowers.

Bonus Info: I am interested in finding a cure for Cancer and I believe that CBD oil is the answer to all our problems.


Awesome! I thought you were much younger. I guess you have a young soul ;) What do you usually play? :)


Yeah... the CBD oil is keeping me in my 20’s. I spend all my time painting, playing guitar, and singing. .... Tom Waites, Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, Bare Naked Ladies, Gordon Lightfoot, Matisyahu, Neal Young, Beatles, Simon and Garfunkel, camp fire folk songs...


Awesome! I'll have to check some of them.

I'm old as the mountains at 33. I'm in the United States, but I voted Green Party, I'm sorry for our so-called president.
I mostly nerd around with linux, read a lot of manuals, if that counts as reading.

Bonus Info: Idk who Bon Iver is.


Haha. Nice to meet you! As long as you don't just look at the pictures in the manuals, then I guess it's reading.. Bon Iver has made some awesome songs. Maybe you know Skinny Love? If not you should give Circle, 32 Strafford, Beth/Rest, Wash, a listen :)

I am 58 years old and I live in Romania since 1988. I'm a Smoker, who usually hangs around in the background, observing the dynamics of things, until I feel comfortable to interact. I left my job as Mechanical Engineer 10 years ago, to can spend my time online trying to keep up with how quickly things are progressing in IT World & Blockchain technology. My journey online got start with Forex Trading, 10 years ago and was followed by Bitcoin Trading and as I am Crypto Enthusiast, I joind Steemit 2 years ago and the result was so great. I am here because my journey with Smoke will be another great learning experience, as I believe is the best place, where I can look forward to meet my fellow and to see how Smoke Platform will grow as a real player. My favorite food is the Weed One and my favorite music is Classic Rock songs about Marijuana.



So you have been in the blockchain community for a long time. I wish I could say the same for me.

I am 22 years old, quit my studies in my last year (management), I am smoking cigars, I am getting fat, I am depressed, I have a girlfriend since 4 years old & she loves me a lot.

I started my 'online journey' 4 years ago, promoting revenue shares, then affiliate systems then discovered bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

P.S: I never smile in photos.
46507694_1980935115326361_2802488906786799616_n (1).jpg


I see. Have you tried to do something good for you everyday. Doesn't have to be a big deal, but just something. Go for a short run, sauna, cold shower, meditate, just something ? And you and your girl looks amazing! What a catch!


well, I am trying to find some activities, thank a lot!

We've got a good bunch here :) I'm in my late 20's. My friends and I started a mining company a year back when it was still profitable to mine! Now? Not much :P My hobbies are sound production, playing football and trip on memes when I'm stoned :D I stay in India but constantly working my way to settle elsewhere. I also love to push the boundaries of the mind with psychedelics as I'm lucky enough to have people who vibrate on the same frequency as mine :)


Nice to meet you! Do you come from India, or just stay there for the time being?


Sorry to confuse you :P I meant I'm from india!

I pretty much put myself out there in my introduction post, but here is the short version:

I am a music producer, dj, stoner, environmentalist, psychonaut & co-creator of several psychedelic underground events in Norway. I also run a record label, and I have been in the blockchain space since 2011.


I knew all of this because I read your introduction post, but nice to have you here!

I am 40 from the United States. I have multiple "part time" self employment jobs. But mainly I am a photographer, but I am also a blogger, eBay seller, diaper cake maker, candle maker and all around general hustler. I like to think outside the box for a living.
I am also married and have 3 grown children and 2 grandchildren. My body give me problems but cannabis helps a ton.


diaper cake maker and candle maker? Haha! I like that! :) I think it's interesting that a lot of users are above 40, I wouldn't have guessed that. Nice to meet you! :)

Its nice2 know more about you @arsenal49. I am 30 living in Slovenia. I'm a "hustler" LOL my hobbies are my cat, photography, weed, playing some online poker. Nothing out of the ordinary :)


Every day is a hustle :p

Hey there! We have a podcast: http://wikileaksonweed.com. We're two dudes in our 30s trying to make sense of this world and getting high all the while. Enjoy, and nice to meet you. Great post idea.