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11 months ago

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I am Anidel from the Philippines. I am new on this platform but I have a couple of friends already here and persuaded me to be active in the community. I saw smoke.io several months back but due to time constraints and my reluctance, I have not been active. To be honest, I am reluctant due to the stance of the present government in my country regarding marijuana. I fear that I might get associated with drugs and substance abuse in our country. You see, right now, association with drugs or any narcotic substance can get you either killed, arrested, or be targeted as a political supporter of the opposition. I found the last part hilarious as all political opposition in my country has become either a drug lord, drug addict or have some sort of connection to drugs business or cartel.

Personally I have my reservations too. I have had the pre-conditioned notion that people who smoke are up to no good. I am not saying that I believe that but that is honestly my initial impulse. This stereotyping is similar to how I feel when I see a heavily tattooed guy with chiseled muscles and all. Perhaps this is the result of years of conditioning from m parents when I was a child until adulthood when media portrays these archetypes as deviants that have no place in society or some sort of misbehavior that should be dealt with extreme prejudice. In fact, I almost got into a fight with my boyfriend once when I caught him smoking marijuana over at our friend's house. He just laughed at me saying “don’t panic its organic” soliciting laughter from our friend which made me even furious.

I was furious because I felt that he is doing something illegal, which it is, and might get in trouble because of it. I have imagined how they got the MJ’s and what might might have happened to him if he was caught by the police. Later that night I asked him how they got it and warned him that he might get killed doing that. It has been a common story in the Philippines of police killing arrested drug offenders for allegedly resisting arrest or trying to grab the officer’s firearms even when their hands are handcuffed behind their back. Fortunately, he told me that it was an old stash his friend discovered from an old bag he had stored.

This opened up a conversation with my boyfriend about Marijuana and why he smokes weed. I discovered that he started smoking when he is in college. The person who convinced him to try it out was his younger brother who was in a band. My boyfriend told me that he smokes just for fun and to just have some bonding time with his brother. Sometimes he told me that he did it out of boredom and to forget the problems he had in the past. He told me that when he smokes it brings him to a happy place where there are no worries in the world. It was his escape from the family problem he had when he was younger. His brother, on the other hand, was using it to ignite his creativity for making music.

I asked him then why it seems that smoking weed is taboo in society, why many of the crimes are linked to drug usage or addiction. He explains that maybe mainstream media has over-simplified the category of drugs. He acknowledges that there are some substances that can trigger aggressive behavior but not weed. Weed actually triggers the opposite. When someone smokes they are typically more docile, a bit slow to react and laugh’s a lot. They are also thirsty and hungry. Of course, this was his personal experience and from the experiences of the people around him. He told me that it would be better for me to understand if I do more research on my own which I think is an opportune time to start being active in the smoke.io community. To learn more about Marijuana its applications and what are is benefits.

This will be a great opportunity for me to learn from the smoke.io community about the benefits of this industry. I was told that the good resources for learning more about this industry is being removed by companies that unilaterally deemed it inappropriate to share content about Marijuana. Even contents that seek to help educate people to make an informed decision about the topic. I think there is a prevailing double standards in some social media sites where they allow other content that propagates hate, violence, and other abnormal behavior but does not allow educational content that sees to enhance the people's knowledge about Marijuana, enabling them to make better decisions for themselves.

I think the operative word here is Freedom. Freedom to do what is right for you and others. I saw the promotional video of smoke as well as the introduction of the founder of Smoke. The idea of freedom resonates quite well with me. I can liken this experience very similar to the awakening I had when I discovered cryptocurrencies and much more when I understood what it truly wants to accomplish. I hope that by joining this community I will be able to learn more about it and understand it.

Lastly, I would like to see how this community grow, it is interesting to see first hand how Smoke.io progresses and develop as an unstoppable social media that tackles a very sensitive subject. Can Smoke.io disrupt how media portray this burgeoning industry like what bitcoin did for the financial sector? Well, we have to wait and see and I am glad that I can be part of this movement.

That would be all for now. Thank you for taking the time to read my introduction and I hope to meet interesting people here. Bye for now and see you around!

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Welcome to the SMOKE community.

Self-promo: to get a bird’s eye view of some of the recent health discoveries around marijuana, check out @alibi.

You see, right now, association with drugs or any narcotic substance can get you either killed, arrested, or be targeted as a political supporter of the opposition.

First rule: don’t put your picture up in that case. People are quick to judge and in a crab mentality culture they may not care about whether you are merely interested or active in a large drug op. Depending on your local mayor and their policy, they may not care about properly investigating either but may just forward it to a squad. You know the situation... better safe than sorry.


Another friend told me to remove my pic. Thanks.

welcome into smoke and hopefully you find a little freedom here.


Welcome Ani, glad you finally joined Smoke.io.... discover anything you want to know, smokers here are helpful and will surely help you for any queries you might have.. Enjoy the community! Cheers my dear!


Yes, Tita. I was truly inspired by what the CEO said about this platform. I might not yet understand fully how the platform works but anything that increases freedom, I am always for it.


Yes, that is what I like about this community. We are free to be ourselves. Free to do what we want and Free to express how we feel.

and before I forget may all your enemies get old ass bong water in their mouth :)



Please just be careful! and I thought I had it bad

Hey @ankarlie, welcome to Smoke! :D


Thank you so much!

Welcome to Smoke @ankarlie to change our wrong notion about MJ...keep puffin organic...


Yeah I am here to open my mind about these things

finally! the crypto geek is here and welcome to smoke in a red carpet, lol!
smoke on!


Haha Thank you Dargon0X!

Welcome to the Smoke Community @ankarlie😍


Thank you for welcoming me here




Welcome, sorry to hear you're living under quite severe prohibition circumstances :(

Would you consider emigrating to a safer country in the future?


Although my country is like this I still love my country. It is home, besides regimes come and go. Hopefully, in the future we will find a leader that is worthy.