What I Can Count On My Express Kidnapping

last year


After what happened yesterday I think this opened my eyes, to make a decision I had postponed for a year. I should have started my flight but this already confirms it and even in public places one can not walk. Because they come and kidnap you or deprive you of your freedom to free transit, I must thank God because I am still alive and taking care of myself at all times was just a bad time that will not happen again. I lost my phone at some point I thought I was going to lose a lot more than this.


The prisoner endured the first and second sessions with unwavering courage; but by applying the torture of water, which is certainly unbearable for every human being, both at the time of suffering and describing it, he exclaimed in a panting interval

Charles Maturin


I do not have new material since I do not save anything I only have some photos, from the month of September until the Sunday that comes out again. Since I do not owe it nor I fear it and I will continue with my route of knows, Caracas that nobody will take it from me since I was unbreakable in all moment of what I said and I maintain. My story would love to come back again as the photos, were brutal and the evening even more but it will be another time. With the favor of God, if I tell you, I was very afraid for my integrity, physical since the mental is strong and yesterday I could always show it with the truth ahead.


And when Satan raised oppositions and contradictions, which at first were greater than I could tell you, his kindness lifted my spirits with that loving word that instilled in me an unbreakable confidence and security: What do you fear?




For me it is not viable or feasible to live in Venezuela. It is really very sad and disappointing such a beautiful country, as this submerged in misery and the worst and see Venezuelans as harming another. For things like this is that we are as we are and we will not emerge, I lost my accounts that I do not use Twitter, Instagram, save my passwords of steemit, Smoke and whaleshares and change them as my phone number. Also my Facebook if they write is not me since I do not use social networks for a long time. Only Facebook is in contact very good night.


All photos were taken by, my phone and edited by Photoshop Express

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