is an exclusive social network

last year

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Until recently I shared all kinds of my own content on this platform

but unfortunately I will not continue doing so, for three reasons:

  1. I have understood that this platform is of exclusive content about cannabis, and any other type of content does not apply.
  2. There are intolerant and rude users who vote negative to the post that is not about cannabis content, and I have received attacks from them, and I do not agree that this type of behavior is allowed, today we will be attacked those that generate different contents, tomorrow we will will attack among same users for differences of opinion on cannabis.
  3. I am not an activist, nor promoter, nor cannabis consumer, therefore, it would be hypocritical for me to create content about cannabis that I would not believe myself.

It's a pity that you can not share another type of content ...

However, perhaps in the short term, I will conduct research on cannabis, either to write about its benefits or dangers.

Meanwhile, my content can continue to be enjoyed in the following networks:


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You can write and share other content, but if others don’t think that content deserves any rewards... then just quit whining about it. Definitely don’t insinuate they may be oppressive.

Maybe, just maybe... maybe it just isn’t your network.


I doubt his ego will allow him to see the truth.
"No, no, what do you mean some communities don't want me to copy/paste my crap at them, surely everybody thinks I'm a joy! Who cares that I don't speak to them at all?"


gracias por su comentario...

just sounds like an ourburst against everyone here because of the actions of the few? Make original relevant content perhaps? know your audience lol