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I woke up this morning knowing I got lots of task ahead of me, so I just had to roll some Arizona (sativa) to start-up my day. The weather seems cloudy for now. It just might rain today, so I've got to go meet up my dealer to pick up some more weed.


Spoke to someone about

On getting to my dealer, I got to meet this girl who also came to get some weed. We got talking as we were leaving my dealer's location. I told her about the community where she can be a member and get educated about the cannabis community from users around the world. She was amazed to know such a community existed and she plans to join right away. I got her contact, plus she's beautiful by the way 😉.


Home bound for the day
Getting home to prepare a meal to eat and getting stoned. Like I said earlier I had alot of tasks ahead, so I just took it one step at a time. It just feels good being stoned and doing what you love, the peace and calm is what I cherish the most. I kinda miss my girl because it's been a while I saw her, reason being that we've both been busy with work. Well, we're adults and we got bills to pay so we definitely need to work. I guess I'm just gonna spark up this beauty and enjoy my day.

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Roll up & smoke up💨

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Stay stoned bro.. i like how you show that being stoned can help productivity if you plan out your activities. I know its not my business but i think you and your girl can make out time for each other its just a matter of priority and importance with a good planning it will all work out...


Thanks ceejay. Getting stoned definitely helps me with doing stuff that I need to be done with ease.

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Wicked post cheers