Reached my smoke goal

10 months ago

So I've been buying and powering up some smoke lately and didn't expect to reach 420k this fast but am pretty happy about the prices I was able to purchase more smoke on. I'm still looking forward to seeing this blockchain and platform grow over the years, it's pretty natural that it's a bit dead here at these times but marijuana is a growing niche and with blockchain becoming more and more popular I believe people will be looking for something like Smoke and will be happy to find a platform that's been going strong and waiting for them to arrive.

I like that Smoke has done a lot of the right moves when it comes to setting up their chain and the rules involved in it. They've done a lot of the right moves compared to Steem and made sure not to make the same mistakes. So when people ask me why smoke is so dead and if I see it going anywhere in the future I tell them it's pretty normal cause most crypto hype has died down over the years and many unfortunately still don't care that the big platforms are selling their data and censoring them, but over time they will have to start caring. Social media in general is tricky cause you need a certain amount of people you know to be on somewhere until everyone wants to get on and a chain reaction erupts and activity and signups go vertical and possibly the price of the coin too. Until then all we can do is prepare ourselves for mass adoption, make sure we have a good distribution and look for the best ways to evolve the chain until that time comes.

Anyway, I'm sure there's many others here who see the same future that I see, let's try our best to get there and show the world what real freedom is.

I'm planning on sharing some of my favorite weed related content I find on my other favorite platform - Reddit here over the next few weeks. Figured since activity is a bit low I may post a bit even though it won't be any original content I'm planning on not self-voting so if others appreciate it they can do what they feel like, I won't get mad if you decide to downvote it. :D

Cya all around the chain!

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Wow, congratulations! I invested quite a lot of money in the ICO and i'm sad to see it worth only a 1/5 of what i bought, but i'm sure with time it will get to at least ICO price. This is a marathon and not a sprint. As for my goal, first was 50k to get the slider, and now is 100k and i think i will buy smoke to help me get there faster.
I also believe that the sucess of this platform will depend on more people signing up and then with more members will be easier to get smoke on more exchanges ;)


Be patient. No investor expects any sizeable return in first 3 years, for many even 5-8 years depending on the industry they invest in.

There's known startup founders, the nec plus ultra, who have never operated any profit yet built a business worth billions or excited at ridiculous prizes.

Amazon ran without any operational profit for more than a decade. Mr. blogspot/blogger, Twitter, and Medium - Evan Williams - did not once see not red numbers yet sold blogger to Google, Twitter eventually IPO'ed, and Medium received more than $200 million investment (also had multiple reorg rounds before closing in on monthly break even).

None of those examples above did anything before 5-8 years. Definitely not run a profit but their value skyrocketed nevertheless.

If you want more people, we all do, help us promote the smoke block chain across the internet. That will speed up new user influx, Google traffic is up but it's a slow curve.

The more people promote smoke around the internet tubes, the faster we will attract more users.

Exchanges are not critical to smoke's mechanics. They're a bonus. Developing token utility is what matters then exchanges will want to list us because they know there will be demand for the token, not just down pressure.

We will get there, the more we collaborate and organize our efforts the sooner we will attract those users. As long as we do.

but marijuana is a growing niche
people will be looking for something like Smoke

Well said / Congrats on your smoke goal / 420K look so great ...

PS. I may still buy more smoke, not saying I'll stop here but won't be as aggressive to buy up the sell orders and maybe see if there's some more sell pressure coming up into my buy orders instead for a while. i.e. not be in as much of a hurry to power up as I've been the last few weeks.

Congrats on your huge smoke goal, you are one of the awesome people we have on the smoke blockchain. Keep smoking them ✌

This time next year.....i'll be a smoke millionaire.......: )


You're estimating $250/smoke? Damn that would be pretty nice..


Why not $420/smoke while we're at it. xD


Now we're talking..

That's a nice goal! Challenge accepted

Next stop 4.20 million?


Maybe if @indica starts selling at these prices. xP


Merriam-Webster is considering adding HODL and it will contain a reference to @indica in the definition.

In some centuries they will make a movie about indica: ”The last of the HODLers”


Not any time soon ;D


Lol 😁😁

Nice job Mr' Whale ;)

Nice one 👍

That's a lot of smoke bro, well done.

That's probably that best amount to have here. Congratulations. Smoke will take time for people to accept it but with time as our friend it will grow.

420😍🎇🎇🎇🎇🎇This is great number you know...keep smoking !!!


Are you interested in buying some more SMOKE? I can sell you some. (contact: fbslo#8470)

oh nice , congratulations ! !! :)