Buying Smoke

last year

If anyone is looking to sell Smoke but due to the low liquidity in the markets is having a hard time:

then I'd be interested to buy it off of you, price can be negotiated, I'd pay a premium to current price depending on the amount. Either leave a comment here or message me on Discord: Acidyo #8038.

PS. I'd prefer selling it for BTS/STEEM/ETH due to not being as shit as BTC for transfers.

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I am going to buy SMOKE too in near future.
But if you want to support SMOKE then its better to buy it from the trading platforms to increase price


Yeah, there's just not much liquidity, might lose patience soon and just buy it up and see if the interest to sell increases then. :P

thanks and i like the approach. let's lift up SMOKE price a bit ... there has been some recent controversy on some witnesses or others deciding to put sell orders at this price. It doesn't help.

Revised: Better just scoop them up cheap and load back on here for later. No need to make kind offers @acid, if we just scoop up the cheap rudex.SMOKE on BitShares and send it here, or hold it on DEX and start raising a floor like @hightimes has started (good job, in this case over 3000 BTS staked, to soak up anyone dumping at this ridiculous price) ...
good job, but let's raise this floor

in any case, doing my best with scraps of loose change to buy some up ... just got another 760 SMOKE for 148 BTS :)

I would sell some SMOKE but I'm a HODLer.

Send me 10k SMOKE and I will sell them to you. 👌

Nice move!
Bitshares offers now a barter service for direct trading.
Burger menu -> Spotlight -> Barter


Im buying some today! Loading up Vaped!

Thinking to buy some at these rock bottom prices. My Steem seems to be going nowhere fast these days ....


Steem is very close to an all time low in satoshis so I wouldn't sell that either but got some shitcoins I'm willing to dump.


Yeah.... I dont have too much of anything else.... maybe a few TRON and Dogecoins.

Markets are the place to go, but also so tricky. Tried to by some ETH to bring fiat into BTS, the moment I placed the order the price went up instead of down. Bummer. Seems like I have to wait a little longer.

And yes I was aiming for ETH, because BTC transfers are... what you said.

Better not sell I will be called a dumper for trying to bring more smoke to the market... 🤣

Hmmm.... thinking about it. I see that I can now get more than 1 Million Smoke for 1 Bitcoin. Just need to convert my Bitcoin to Steem ...