Need Financial Freedom

3 months ago


As my friends here already know that i started a job around 10 days ago and it starts again. The same routine, the same 9 hours azz kissing of the boss and the same boring life cycle.
There was a time when i joined cryptocurrencies and i was hoping that i'll get financial freedom and that i won't have to do a job again. But the perpetual bearish market seems to have no end and the bounties have dried out. I joined steemit and it looked a promising project but it didn't worked out for me as well as there were bots that took over.
So here i am hoping that Smoke don't disappoint me and provide me the financial freedom that i have been searching for so long now.

Any suggestions would be very much appreciated to achieve my goal of financial freedom.
Thanks for your time.

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No platform can “carry” you. Smoke isn’t different from Steem at heart either.

Lastly, any platform offering “financial freedom” will quickly be overrun and become a massive battle field where everyone wants that same dream.


But there were guys in steemit who actually were just using steemit to earn their living.

  1. This isn’t Steem. If you continue to compare, I’m sorry you will always hold this niche platform back because newsflash... Steem carries many bad habits.
  2. I have earned from publishing’s online since, well, the www. It’s like being an independently contractor... get ready to buckle down for 14-16hrs/day for years on end.
  3. As you said... “were”. Also, many already had or kept pumping content in day after day. Living in a development nation you should still be able to do it but... get ready to buckle down 14-16hrs/day. I don’t see you on steemhunt, I don’t see you on dTube, I doubt you use SteemPress, aso...
    I see people on 3-6 other similar platforms every day too.

Where are you?

Newsflash: Hope is for adolescents and young adults who wish to get laid on the weekend.

Dreamers are too busy dreaming while doers get all the spoils.

Also, ideas earning online — or from crypto — we’re that easy, everyone would be doing it. And know what... millions every day try.

This, the Internet, is survival of the fittest. Not philanthropy.

You can't just expect to get "financial freedom". You need to work for it, and I mean work your ass off. Just waiting here and hoping that smoke does that for you is not really how it works. Do you "job", engage in communities, develop them in any way you can, and spread the word about it. Just hoping is the worst way to get to success, my friend. If you don't know what to do, look what others do and help out. If you lack skills, acquire them. You can do it man!


In simple i should stop dreaming of it ?

Simple advice, check your grammar! Should be “ I joined steemit and it looked LIKE it was going to be a promising project, but it didn’t work out!” Also didn’t worked (doesn’t work!)Since this is a blog and writing and pictures are 100%, just check ur tenses, besides that just smoke a lot of weed and let the ideas flow!

Buy smoke coin for future "financial freedom" : )


Planning to do that.

Lots of hard work and a lot of hours, having more than one source of income is the key to financial Freedom it takes hard work and sacrifices unless you are already rich or win the lottery but for most of us that doesn't happen.
Looking for deals and being as cheap as possible without sacrificing quality of life, is also key. Some places it is easier to do than others. Some place gardening for some of your food if not all of it is a way of life, other place grocery stores are the norm, but for those where grocery stores are the norm on of the ways they can save money is by planting a garden and grow some of their favorite fruits and veggies, even in a small space, you can grow a plant or two.
But if you seriously want financial freedom you have to come up with a plan to make money streams coming in from multiple locations. A job is a good source of income, but then you have side gigs, blogging (though think of blogging as long term like a retirement plan, seriously at the rate we are growing smoke will go up in value hard work now will pay off in the future as it will without blockchain sites) You can make things and sell them, Or resell things on sites like eBay. Once you get some money saved up, investing in real estate is always a safe investment.
I currently have a ton of part time gigs I make and sell tinctured infused candies, I make custom candles, I make Diaper Cakes (google them if you don't know what they are), I am a photographer, I am a blogger, and I buy in bulk and sort and resell antique, vintage costume and some modern jewelry on eBay. I am still not in that financial freedom area, but I am a lot closer to it than I was 10 years ago. I don't do each job daily either, as that would be way too much, but blogging I do daily, and I am betting that Smoke and the other sites I blog at occasionally will one day in 10 years or so be worth $100 USD or more. It might be a pipe dream but hey if we don't dream big what's the point?