Got a Job

4 months ago

Hello friends,

Just wanted to tell you that i got a job. Was struggling in life due to some blunders but after the bearish market, i was also struggling financially.

But now i have got a job and hope that things would be a bit better.

I know that this is not of much interest for most of you but it matters alot for me as i can now invest in the cryptos and can buy some smoke and other coins.
I'll work hard, and will invest as much as i can in this bearish market and hopefully will be rewarded soon InShaAllah....

Wish me luck friends...

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Nice to hear that man :D
Since you mentioned it, would you mind sharing what job is it?


Its an offshore IT support. Providing support to AT&T clients of USA while sitting here in Pakistan over the VOIP.


That sounds nice, wish you luck on the new job and as few angry yelling callers as possible :P


hehehe.. thanks

Congrats and good luck you you!