Lets talk Nutrients and Additives - What I'm mixing in my watering bucket

7 months ago

Howdie-ho smoking people.

Dude, what are you talking about?

Let's talk nutrients, all that expensive bottles of basic nutrients than all the additives the hydro store guys want to sell you whether they are needed or not. It's not easy to make a selection between all these brands when you don't have a bit of experience or knowledge what are they for and how to use them to maximise crops.

First, it would be best to decide do you want your crops organically grown, or you don't care about that kind of thing. Organic is the way to go if you're into it for the smell taste and quality and if you are growing for yourself - tends to be more expensive.
Mineral nutrients will push you plants as far as they can go - and beyond, and they will be smelly and tasty as well but firstly - big.
There is nothing wrong with using mineral nutrients as long as you do a good flush (watering with just pure water and a lot of runoff) starting with at least a week before the harvest. Organic will give you massive buds if you know what are you doing and the flush is not needed - I would still do it.
Some companies are introducing new bio-mineral nutrients which would combine the best out of the two worlds, organic and mineral and mixing them together.

Soil, Coco or Hydro

Then there is the choice of going for your growing medium: Soil, Coco or hydroponics - different basic nutrients for different mediums. Soil - organic. Coco - you get more bud, but taste and smell are not as good in the soil. Hydroponics - growing in water as a medium and a story for itself (another day).

Now you will be thinking fuck man so many choices and I haven't even started, how complicated can this be - actually it's not, you are just new to it, things are going to be just fine, you will get around it in no time or eventually. Usually, new growers go for soil as it is most forgiving and with the (a lot would argue) best smell and taste.

When you decided what is your way whatever you choose you chose well. Its hard to find a bad nutrient company in a respectable hydro store. Just educate yourself on the actual dosage and don't play around with it. Basic nutrients sometimes have recomendation 2-4 - that means that when the plants are small use 2ml and when they are thriving use 4ml. If it says 2ml per gallon than it means 2ml - not 2,8 or 4,5 cause - things have to be on the spot or this will cause you trouble when mixing strong additives in small buckets.

Dosage is importaint

First, as first you are getting 2 bottles - your grow (vegetation) nutrient and a bloom (flowers) nutrient. This is basic as it gets, the bare minimum that you have to have; you can do all your grow with just these 2 bottles.

Do not forget to take the feed chart for the nutrients! Even though these days all of that can be found online.

Some companies in nowadays are separating the grow and bloom nutrients in two bottles - so they have grow-part A and grow-part B and same for bloom. This kind of nutrient would be generally better than one part because they can put a lot better stuff inside separate bottles, and this nutrient cannot be mixed concentrated - it will end up in a nutrient lockout. It is very important to mix the water bucket or tank after adding every single separate nutrient - so add A mix well, add B mix well, add additive mix well...very important.

Cool, now you been using your basic nutrients and want more of everything bigger, want everything done faster and want it to shine like a Christmas tree - throw some additives in the mix!

-First that you should throw in the mix is a rooting booster - gives you big strong happy roots and makes your plants grow faster - bigger root - bigger tree - bigger bud - bud.
-Second is the flowering booster that is going to increase available Potassium and Phosphorus and feeds that big bud of yours to become big fat bud of yours.
-On top of that, you can add some enzymes, amino acids, vitamins, silicone, fulvic/humic acid, high PK boosters, sugars, flushing solutions and all sorts and types of additives...

There is no actual "need" for all of these additives, bottles, liquids, sprays - but look at it from this way: you don't need running shoes and light clothing for running, but they fucking help. So just a few selected additives will make things go faster, healthier, the buds go BOOM and keep the girls happily satisfied. The plant can appreciate that kind of love, and it is definitely worth it.

Forgot something there but that's probably 3rd joint kicking in :)
-this is taking way to long than I thought originally.

My nutrients and additives.

I've been using Hesi in the past - very good, then used General Organics range and their hydro range- very good, currently on Mills nutrients - amazing, plus some additives extra. The results are just blowing me away - or maybe its all about the additives.
Mills have a nice simple range with not too many bottles that is easy to use and produce a very nice yeald - soon Il tells you how nice.

First, fill the water into the bucket 24 hours before watering (mixing nutrients)

Check out what I'm mixing in my bucket.

1 - Vitalize (Silicic acid) - used to build the natural defence, makes the stems strong so they can support massive yields.
Mix da bucket

IF ADDING SILICONE - MUST BE MIXED FIRST - before the nutrients - before the calmag - it has to be the first thing you add to water because if added later he is going to lock up with a lot of elements in your mix and the feed is going to be shit.

2 - A - All the essential micro and macronutrients plus high amounts of Calcium along with Red Iron - mix with equal parts A+B.

3 - B - All the essential micro and macronutrients plus high amounts of Magnesium and Molybdenum - the same amount as A!

4 - Start-R - for seedlings, young plants ant early stages of flowering. Contains The highest quality pressed seaweed (auxins and cytokinin), humic and fulvic acid and 18 L-amino acids.

5 - C4 - Early and mid flowering booster. Works together with good bacteria in your soil, breaking up old roots, establishes many flowering sets. Contains humic/fulvic acid L-aminoacids.

6 - PK - Increases the production of oils and terpene production, larger and harder fruit - phosphite based bloom stimulant.

Additives out of Mills range:

1 - Mammoth P - Cannot say it better than them: organically derived microbial inoculant for growing marijuana that maximizes phosphorus and micronutrient cycling to maximize bud growth, increase yield, and enhance plant health - Guaranteed 16% increase in dry marijuana buds. Bold guarantees but in my opinion worth the cash. California made.

2 - Moonshine - Bunch of good stuff for explosive growth - Contains: Plant extract ingredients of Moonshine include corn oil, cinnamon oil, Lilly extract, mint oil, extract of sugar cane, extract of kelp plus other proprietary blends while other ingredients include tall oil fatty acids and a nonionic surfactant.

3 - Hesi SuperVit - Brutal plant stimulator comprised of 15 plant-active vitamins and 10 amino acids. Superconcentrated - just 2 drops per gallon or 1ml on 50 litres of water.

4 - Plagron - Sugar Royal - powerful organic stimulator based on amino acids. It enhances the production of chlorophyll increasing the making of resin/crystals. This results in a strong end-product with the best smell and taste - is what their website says.

5 - GH - Diamond Nectar/Fulvic acid - Not a nutrient, imagine it like a bus for nutrients - it can attach up to 40 different minerals and deliver it quickly to the places they are needed.

6 - Guanokalong bat guano - It is one of the best organic nutrient powders available, and a natural bat dung soil enhancer, which promotes taste, quality and yield. Premix it with the soil or mix with watering mix.

7 - GHE - Florakleen - If you screw up don't think about what is the deficiency just FloraKleen it and next time water normal with food. Specifically designed to dissolve fertilizer salts, our solution not only ushes excess residue but also releases a nutrient bond between plants and the system. This connection helps plants make the most of remaining fertilizers, especially in the crucial week just before harvest - they said it the best.

Now you know what it takes to grow buds like THIS big!

What are you using and how is it working for you?

Off for a deserved blunt and a dab hit!

If you see smoke - come and help to toke!


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Thank you! I’m growing with advanced nutrients organic.

What should I do if a plant that’s flowering is getting too much nitrogen? I feed once per week. Never full strength.

Stop feeding all together? Or find a fertilizer without nitrogen?

Do I even need the food if I’m using organic soil?


Why do you think its gettin too much of N? Plant is dark green? I would not feed her every third watering for start and than try to increase the dose. One feed per week in bloom is nothing. Are you on iguana juice or mother earth? You actually need a nutrient to get good sized buds and nice harvest. Do you know Ec and ph of the water? Share a link for the grow and il check it out.

Great post I just switched over to REMO was looking at advanced but really stacks up in price. Great work on the grow hope to see more like this!!


Thanks dude, believe it or not, they are still growing and putting on weight. Next time Im switching to photoperiod strains - sick of this autoflowering - green crack should finish in 65 days at least it is claimed by their creators. But yeah it was worth the wait.
Never had a chance to try Remo out, cannot wait for the feedback - Im really happy how things are working out with Mills nutrients so Il stick with them for now. I'm anxious to try the shogun nutrients with their aqua-zen tech. it is a kind of a wetting agent that helps to distribute water to all corners of the pot - imagine it would be a nice help in watering airpots.

How many food you have!