Rations in case of Drypocalypse

9 months ago

-Greetings from the fractal space-


-I hope you are having a smokey day-

Those who have followed my last few posts are aware that some sh!t has been going down in my town. Starting with the downfall of one of the main man on the streets. And continuing to my guy maybe getting into trouble with the law if he doesn't chill down. I told him a few times that the woman who lives under me and over him can smell his smoke. The lady is not stigmatizing cannabis, told me herself. She doesn't hate it and understands that some people enjoy it. But that he constantly smokes and all the Smoke and smell rise and enter her bedroom and after over 1 year of patience, she has had enough. Going by her words he used to smoke less in his apartment and the smell was tolerable once or twice a week, but that now it's every day of the week and she can't stand it anymore aperently. So I was forced to stop going to him for a while untill things cool down and my head clears up as well. His hazes have been getting on to my head too much. Can't think normally most of the time and honestly puts me down sometimes. So since my new guy is a bit more rearly available I decided to adopt a few strategies to conserve some smoke for dark days. Let's hope these days don't come. But you never know. Better to be prepared.

With the Drypocalypse being a real possibility and something I wish to avoid as much as possible, what one needs to do is get ready. Preperation is the key to survival. With that in mind...


This is from my previous batch. Not last. The previous one. The one that I took before the one I'm smoking currently. Remember them?

The Last 2 Boyz


Ah they were were a truly sweet strain. First high of Nostalgia I found in a long time. Something to easy up the hazing of the...well hazes. Whatever my last guy was getting was definetly strong. He's a heavy smoker and even I try to avoid smoking with him sometimes, because his joints are hitters in almost every sense of the word. Feels like climbing a rocky mountain side. Getts too much for me sometimes. A man's gotta know his limits and preferences. Right? On the contrary, this strain was pretty mellow in nature and more like a stroll trough nature. Something I came to appreciate a lot since I got my flowing thought again. Makes you think. When I was a teen we used to wish for stronger strains. Now, after using them for the last 2 years I was looking for the effect of Nostalgia. That's what I'm gonna call it. Since I am unable to find out the real name I will reffere to this as Nostalgia Breeze.


With Nostalgia waiting for the day to be smoked I am currently feeding off another piece of Albanian stuff, but definetly different.


This is what I got last. Been feeding on it for the past 2 weeks. Got it so much pressed together that it was like holding a literal piece of stone in my hand. It was hard and pointy at some ends. But it's a good smoke. Nothing to write home about or especially different experience but it's something I probably need right now the most for every day smoke. Blessed be the mellow smokes. Or something like that.


I love all the different greens and browns on it. Might be an trick of the eye but I think I see tinny purplish parts. Well whatever it is it reminds of a combo of chocolate chip and raisin cookies. I know some people don't like raisin cookies. A stigmatized type of food by many. Kind of like Pizza with ananas. But I like it. The raisin cookie. Never tried ananas pizza. So I branded this strain with Crazy Cookie. I think the name fits very well. The effect tends to vary. Maybe it's my own mental state playing a part in it. Sometimes it's pretty heavy and puts me down to just laze around and do nothing. Then on other days with the right music and goal in mind for the day it gets me energized.

To finish of my rationalizing my cannabis in case of a drought I present to you my grind storage.


The grind storage is basically this glass container of CBD extract I bought in Berlin last year during the Marry Jane Cannabis Expo. I kind of miss that extract. It helped dealing with the strong and heavy effects of the hazes of that time. Hope I get to visit next year to buy some more. Since I wasn't able to attend this year. Back to topic.


Since it's empty it was a shame to leave it as just deco. So I started putting grounded up cannabis in it. Whenever I roll and seem to have too much of the grinded up flower, I put it into that container. The cover is pretty strong and closed up it is pretty tight and helps with smell leaking.


As expected from a pro flower container. Love it. I have two of them. But I can't seem to find the second. The flower gets compressed more and more as I put in it and I wonder what will happen when it gets really really tight. Because I still have enough flower and more then enough curiosity to find out what happens.


Before I forget. I also have these branches collected for sometime now and I'm still putting almost every branch (that I remeber to do) inside the container for some use as well. I was thinking tea or maybe chocolate. The chocolate I know basically how to prepear. But I'm not sure about tea. I wish to attempt a transfer of some thc to the tea but I am not sure how to do it. Since water doesn't transfer it as far as my knowledge extand. If anyone knows a good recipe, I'm open for ideas.


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Cheers have a great night


Thank you. Have a great night yourself.

Hope your head cleared up! Stems for tea or art!


It did. Been getting more work done then before. I want to make tea. I'll try to look up recipes.