34% THC | Alien Rock Candy Flower

2 years ago

I recently picked up some Alien Rock Candy. These nugs are top notch. The strain is a pretty heavy Indica with a crazy 34% THC content. I don't think I've smoked flower with this much THC before.  

The high potency easily triggers a coughing sesh, but the taste and effects are great. 

If you are looking for a great knock your ass out strain, check out Alien Rock Candy. I definitely get couch locked on these buds. 

The @willspliff rating: 9.5/10

Alien Rock Candy Potency: 34.92% THC, 0% CBD

From Leafly:

Alien Rock Candy by Alien Genetics is an indica-dominant hybrid with an aroma as sweet as the name suggests. This Sour Dubble and Tahoe Alien cross captures a fruity, citrus aroma that carries through until the exhale. Full relaxation of the mind and body make this strain ideal for the end of an active or stressful day

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What's happening???? 34% THC. Hot!!
Good smoke man. I follow you :-)
Greetings from Germany


Yeah man! Colorado's top-shelf selection is unreal.

Oh goodness! That must be heavenly uplifting! 34% THC is way too much for me , lol. Majority of the ones I tried have something usually in the range of 20 to 25. The one you have seems to be king of all , lol . Thanks for sharing this.

With 💕,

Not a fan of a genetics in nature but this is one of a few reasons I also love it xD
Must try and a must have strain!
I need to get it ASAP now I am anxious xD
Smoking back on my regular 10% weed xD
Smoke on bro and thanx for sharing :)

looks real nice. I'm not typically a fan of ARC but this looks like a must try

I don't think I could smoke that, it's way too strong for this lightweight...

Wow wow wow. Those look tasty and sweet as candy from outer space. I don't think I have ever tried anything so strong myself. I want to try it 😂

One shot one hit.
add this to my must have test list..
Thx for share this .
Where can buy a seeds whith potencial of 34% thc ?
i try to search ,but only have ARC 17-19%thc...

lookin like some fiiiire!