Photo booth

6 months ago

My buddy has been telling me to get a little photo booth for a while now and boy I’m sure glad I finally did! I have a huge appreciation for these herbs and it’s amazing how this has and is going to improve my picture quality! I had to take pictures of what’s left from the gold glue and I pressed some more rosin just for this! F1CBB5DE-A531-409D-9AAB-50D4F5178F1B.jpeg89ED262E-8C55-427A-860D-94B042F9573B.jpeg4AA8CD95-39A7-45BC-A85B-5E73A150FB93.jpeg71BE0B71-CF0E-42B1-826E-56DBA62C7C4A.jpeg5BC5BA2A-824F-431A-B27E-18B8069DC512.jpeg
These returns came from only ONE gram each time... so 2 grams total. I wouldn’t be surprised if that return is over 30 percent! 94025DF6-BEFA-4CF1-AA92-2067AA2E8CF2.jpeg0C7F01DC-368B-4F23-AAED-425FCAAD3C37.jpeg definitely glad I made this inexpensive purchase! Thanks for looking! #weedporn #hash #autoflower

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Nice nugs!


Thanks man ! It’s mephisto genetics autoflower!

Looks like some Silver Haze

Dank buds!