Northern lights Yule tree; A gigantic bud.🌲

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Happy Yuletide, everyone! :)
I'm celebrating with @xtetrahedron and some good friends these days, we're having a super relaxed and stoned vibe with lots of cooking and love.

Look at our Yule tree bud from some Norwegian grown Cannabis on the pictures above. It's so huge it's riddicolous!

The strain is called northern lights. It's supposed to be a pure indica originating from Afghani and Thai landrace strains. This bud weighs 50 grams!


This is my sixth vegan Yule, and I'm pretty stoked about how awesome it is and how I haven't missed eating meat a second. We're even making some edibles and awesome dessert's. Yesterday we had nut roast paired with some vegan cutlets with Christmas spices, and today we're having a shepherds pie with a parmesan sweet potato lid.


Happy solstice and Yuletide, lots of love! ❤️


#life #weed #food

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Mate, that nug is an absolute unit! Lovely looking meals, I hope you enjoy your holidays 👍


Indeed, it's gigantic! The meals were so wonderful, I'm amazed all the time by how filling and tasteful vegan food can be, if one puts love and effort into making it. Happy holidays to you, @indica ^_^

Oh wow. Now that is what I call a tree 😍 I want one for myself to decorate with filters, papers and fire.


Haha, I'd love to see that @zuculuz. Maybe some tree ornaments made from sticky hash 😅


That's a really good idea. I like that. Maybe I'll try next year if I get my hands on such a beauty of a tree.

Oh...Northern lights, @skylinebuds just did a review on it few minuit ago . it's a very lovely healing and pain relieving strain, one of my favorites


Nice, @ufaz, I'll check it out. We're making a big batch of oil from this, so I'm looking forward to feel more of those healing and pain reliving properties you talk about 😊

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Nom nom nom nom nom!!! yeah what @indica said, that is one gorgeous nuggy and the food looks spectacular as well!


Haha, it was all super mom mom, @koh!

Ahh that food looks so good!

Low key jealous right now...


It was so amazing, @lethal. We smoked so many joints and got super creative. Turned out the best Christmas food I ever had! 😁

oh so cool :D


Yes 😁😎

Nice Xmas tree, enjoy!


Thanks, same to you @platov😁

yum yum

If you don't love superbly cooked vegan food and buds so big you could hit a baseball with em, then your in the wrong place. Loving you vibes homegirl - Bless up - from the west coast of USA.