The Drying Box - and BUDPORN + MACRO 500x SHOTS

3 months ago

Hi all smokin dudes and ladies! Let's go and see what's hanging in the box!

There is a half-full box (I know it's empty, but trying to keep an optimistic angle on things) even dough it's not my best #harvest yield wise; I'm ecstatic about the looks and the smells of the babes. It looks a bit ridiculous because the box is HUGE. 2 feet high, one wide and 3 long - enough to #dry more than a pound (0.5kg) of delicious #sensimilia. It's best to be prepared!

-Peyote Critical on the left; Blue Dream on the right

-Blue Dream on top; Peyote Critical on the bottom

Make sure buds are not touching each other (they can touch a bit with constant airflow) to reduce the risk of mould.

The point is to reduce humidity to 64-65% and then slowly by curing in jars bring it down to 60-62% for best terpene and cannabinoids preservation.

Setup is totally basic - used a wire to create hanging lines, made holes on the bottom (each side) and one on top of the box where the pc fan will be placed so he can extract the air out of the cardboard box not blowing in as direct wind on drying buds is not the best method (some parts of plant will become drier faster).

Let's check the buds a bit closer.

Peyote Critical

-with flash, and without the flash

-frosty bud with purples all over

-feels like Christmas!

-jared up for slow cure

And a few close ups, we all love those!

-Peyote @ 100x zoom

- fibres on my pants; just to show you how small all of that is!

-some poo on this one?; single terpene on 500x zoom

-500x zoom takes us to a magical place - trichomes turning amber

Blue Dream

-top cola is stunning

-lower blue dream bud

-top cola waiving at you! #nugporn

-looks like Blue Dream has been chopped a bit early; too much shiny trichomes, a lot of murky ones but just a few amber; the other two will make it up!

-fibers of my shirt 100x and 500x zoom

-Blue Dream pornography

-trichomes, trichomes, trichomes...

Now we are curing them for a week or two and then smoking time!

Happy Friday and a lot!


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These boxes to dry with is such a good idea.

Love the macro shots


Yeah sometimes simple solutions are the best :) Thanks man even dough post was looking much better in the preview; I need to work on the sizes of these pics...


Image size is always perfect on mobile 😁


Glad to see some optimism :)

We have another dimension over here. Imagine all things working together just to get you high. All them molecules...woah..


Oh yeah, the world aligned just perfectly. I've been reading something that even corals, sponges and such basic life have receptors for cannabinoids so it started a long time before us, maybe a trillion years in past everything was made from weed; we just fit perfectly into this puzzle called life, trying to get the best of it or whatever the hell is that suppose to mean. :)

Ey the Iddee with the PC fan is awesome.
Finally found something. Thank you and beautiful flowers by the way.


Thanks Phi, that is why I am here, to pick up as many ideas as I can, and share some ofc.

This gentleman right here knows his job and takes care of his ladies.
One of the most quality posts we have seen lately. Great effort with zooms. How do you shoot em? With magnifying glass or some microscope?

This way you can check for mould or other parasites. Quality guaranteed!


Thank you Cryptosmokers! I have a microscope, just a few comments down you have a link to it! 20$. Very useful gadget!

Great buds mate!!! what are you using to take the the trichs close-ups?


Thanks, GreenHands! It is a USB PC cam, some generic type; from 80x zoom to 500x. with red buttons on sides and manual zoom on top. Looks exactly like this one
Not a bad toy, but I wish it was 20% better, then it would be possible to get clear shots with 500x to zoom function, and resolution of photos is only 550*something, not even 640x480. I'm still looking for a better gadget.


Thanks mate!!! @goldendawne have a very similar one and she is having problems with the software, what one do you use to view it in your PC?Am getting one for sure, loads of fun ....a stoner and a microscope ,what could go wrong?lol


I'm not sure how did she have any issues there gave her the same instructions but no answer.
You can use the Windows default camera app (type in search bar camera), you just need to switch from laptop/pc webcam to USB cam (plug it in&out a few times if it is not recognized) similar function like on the phones these days between front and the back camera and that is it.
What could go wrong? Well imagine you are a perfectionist and cannot get a steady shot of the damn trichome for hours - only that :) but that is fun when I think about it now, not then when I was totally pissed off. Cannot wait for you to get it to join the club :D

Amazing content ... followed


Thanks Easy!

Indeed beautiful shots! I love it


Cheers Wolfie! It was a pain in the ass to take them, glad to see it was worth it.

Cool concept. Very innovative.


Thanks dude!

any purpose of these?


where these would be?