Budporn Baby! - Peyote Critical (Barneys Farm)

2 years ago

Hello smokin stoner dudes and dudettes!

Hope you are having a budtastic day! Here we are with a little #nugporn edition.

Bud we are looking at is Peyote Critical from Barneys Farm. You can take a look at the grow from start to finish in my previous posts! A beast of a plant. Enyoj these photos for now.

Peyote looks, and I assure you that it IS delicious!

-when you break it down - looks like this

GENETICS - Indica (90-100%)
LINEAGE - Peyote x Purple Critical Kush
THC - 20%
CBD - low
SMELL & FLAVOUR - mango, woody, coffee, blueberry, earthy, vanilla
EFFECT - uplifting, relaxed, focused, calming

-head of a match at 100 & 500x magnification

-peyote under 100 and 500x magnification

This is my entry for #cannacontest

#Fat and #shiny, just the way I like them.


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Looking wiley!


Spot on! She is absolutely delightful!

Nice Trikes


Cheers dude!

lol! So, now it IS a lion …
Became a lion?


High people do crazy things. A friend drew it and looked too nice not to use the pic. So in a way you are right - kind of a weed/bud lion; hear me ROAR! :)

Trichome Dense and Looking Taaaaasty!

Congrats, that's some fine looking cannabis there. :)


:) Smacks you to the couch in 15 min. Much appreciated!


Ouch! Unless it's less CBN rich when harvested earlier, I'll have to pass. Ty for the report. I'm medicated 24/7 and require upbeat strains. ;)

Damn that's looking amazing cheers


A big thanks to tripping dudes!

Yes sir!


Thanks man!

A wonderful head.


Thanks dude!