When it isn't what it's supposed to be

9 months ago

I love platinum kush

And yesterday when I went to re-up I was told that is what it was. I have had Platinum Kush many times and if this is Platinum Kush then it is very flowery tasting and I have always found platinum kush earth and citrus with a light flowery flavor. Not such a strong flavor. So I am nearly positive this is not platinum kush. But it is good but I wish people would keep better track of their strains and not pass off something else as something that I actually do want thankfully the buzz is good. But that is the downsize of a black market anyways without further ado Roll that beautiful nugporn footage.







I prefer the earthy and citrus flavors

More than the flower tasting ones as they always remind me of perfume and I don't care for the taste of the strains that have a high perfume taste. If it is light it is okay but this is heavy with the flavor of flowers aka perfume. So for flavor out of a scale of 1 to 10 I give this a 4.

The Buzz

Is the saving grace of this strain. It is really good and motivating. So glad the buzz is good and it has something to save it. The buzz is really good I would give it a 10 on the scale.

Overall I rate this strain a 7

It has a great buzz but looses points for me on flavor. I really don't like my weed to taste of old woman perfume. As that is what the taste reminds me of. And when I say old woman I picture the 1980 and a 80 year old woman using a flowery smelling perfume from.the 1930s. Yeah can you tell I am not a fan of how this taste? Think some of this will be made into tincture. But for now it is time to twist another one up and catch another buzz.



Till next time stoners

It's 4:20 somewhere so puff puff pass



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Pretty red, that plant had a crap ton of hairs!


Ok so not a complete bust. Some positive to it. Idk how you can tell one strain from another


taste, smell, looks


yes, yes but I mean I guess I wouldnt be able too. But if I was around it more, maybe. Like I couldnt pick it up and say, "hey thats not opineapple express


I have also been smoking flower for over 30 years and have been a daily smoker for at least 24 of those 30+ years.


exacatally! Your a pro. IM NOT. lololololol


once you have a strain you like when someone tries to pass something else off as it, you know. I am not blaming my dealer but the guy he ordered it from