The newest unknown blackmarket strain

5 months ago

He did say it was Himalayan purple something-or-other

But I can't remember what the last of that was and I wonder if it is even true but it might be as I see a small purple color on a few of the buds. But with the purple hints I am sure it is something like that.







Twisting up a fatty

I decided to wait till today to try this out. As yesterday between tincture, dabs and the Granddaddy Purple I was pretty high and want to try this strain with the influence of the other one.


My thoughts

Looks and feels to the touch a little dry. It has a fruity smell about it but it is not a strong overwhelming smell like the Granddaddy Purple has. It has more of a mellow muted raw smell about it. The taste is fruity too more of a grape flavor but reminds me of badly brewed wine cooler tbh. Like MD20/20 now that I sit and try to compare the taste to something familar. Not my favorite taste if I am honest. But some would love this taste. I don't like many wines at all so for me that taste is not a great one.

The buzz

That is what truly matters. The look, smell and taste though important isn't nearly as important as the buzz. The buzz is mellow and gives you energy makes me want to get things done. It is also inspiring creativity so don't be surprise if I share some stoner inspired art in the near future. I give this strain overall a 6.5 out of 10. The taste 5.0 the look a 7.0 the buzz a 7.5 out of 10.

Till next time stoners

It is 4:20 somewhere so puff puff pass




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7.0 on the looks seems mighty generous with all those extra fan leaves on there.. but the buzz is what counts


I was being generous because of the pretty crystals upon magnification

I'm used to leafy weed as black market sellers don't have the luxury of having the leafs removed professionally so I like the looks of those buds.

A little bit leafy, but looks good otherwise

It’s funny how access changes one’s mind. Normally I would think “lazy growers” but with where I live this looks like dream stuff lol.

lol I feel the same way about names on the black market. Who knows? Probably made up. Hopefully it's getting the job done for you though.

You get some pretty good gear around your area but this stuff is tame compared to your last review on the Granddaddy Purple, now those buds looked wicked. Thanks for sharing, bong on. :-)


I have some of that too, and though the Granddaddy Purple is pretty and taste good I have had better buzzes, the last Platinum Kush I had was a better buzz than the GDP. It is good, but it is an 8 buzz wise and there are better buzzes out there. Taste wise it taste better than the buzz gives. I expected more from the smell and taste tbh